MKT 327 exam 4

channel are the primary way in which marketing ________ value.
A ________ _______ is a set of interdependent organizations working to collectively to making a product or service available for purchase.
distribution channel
Channel decisions are made generally by attempting to maximize ____ and ___ while maintaining ______ and _____; and in the case of intermediaries (wholesaler and retailers) also maximizing _________.
channel management decisions are grouped into two categories: the first are ____ decisions, and the second are ___ ___ decisions.
-supply chain
a _____ _____ decision refers to the number of locations (not channels) through which a company sells its products in a given market area.
channel intensity
in a _______ distribution channel each wholesaler and/or retailer is a separate business seeing to maximize its own profit or welfare.
a merchant wholesaler take the _____ to the goods it distributes, as apposed to an agent or broker.
the universal marketing functions of buying, selling, and risk taking are categorized as _____
the services required and the positioning desired are criteria used when selecting a particular _____
channel decisions primarily impact value through the creation of time and _____ utility
________ sell products or services to customers who resale them or se them for commercial purposes
wholesaling primarily is responsible for the execution of the _____ ______ _____
universal marketing function
the ____ of _____ concept suggests that various types of retailers start out as low-price, low status operations, but evolve into higher price, higher service operations.
wheel of retailing
retailers impact value creation through the ____ they provide and the _____ they create
a retailer that buys at less than regular wholesale, and sells at less than retail is called
off-price retailer
retailers perform the universal marketing functions to some extent, but they are more responsible for the market discrepancy of
a particular type of wholesaler is selected based on whether they can perform some required universal marketing function more ____ and/or___ than the firm itself.
– effectively
a merchant wholesaler actually takes ____ to the goods it distributes, as opposed to an agent or broker.
if a manufacturer needed an intermediary to price goods, keep then fresh or up to date, or set up point of purchase displays they would select a ___ ___
rack jobbler
showrooming describes the process of shopping the stores, but buying ___
price is the marketing mechanism or variable through which value is ___
pricing provides communication and all of the utilities but impacts ____ utility
price plays a significant tole in two other areas besides marketing. for instance in economies price directs the ___ of resources
from a marketing perspective price helps establish ____, and achieve desired marketing _____
the ___ ___ ___ recognizes that the price of an object reflects more than just monetary costs
total price concept
there are ___ basic price decisions or areas of responsibilities.
it is (true/false) that price objectives dictate how the price of a product or service will change over its life
a discount involves a ______ on the price of the product of service, while an ____ involves money given directly or indirectly to the customer to be used in the purchase of the product or service
there are two basis categories of pricing tactics: _____ oriented and ______ oriented
psychological pricing is a type of ____ oriented pricing
selling below cost with the intention of punishing a competitor or driving the out of business is termed ______ pricing
a cash discount is a type of ____ oriented price
the behavior desired on the part of the customer when a promotional price is used is to obtain some _____ action
the behavior desired on the part of the customer when a cash discount is used is to get customers to ___ faster
the shorter the lead time and the greater the possible economies of scale, the more a company should use a ____ price strategy
drop shippers or desk jobbers
wholesalers that own the merchandise they sell but do not physically handle, stock or deliver it
how many types of limited-service wholesalers exist?

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