MKG-358 Experiential Marketing: Sponsorships, trade shows, exhibits and public relations

Public relations
consists of a variety of activities and communications that organizations undertake to monitor, valuate, nd influence the attitudes, opinions, and behaviours of groups or individuals who constitute their public

– an honestly, open, and constructive relationship with these publics

Reputation Managment
-public relations plays a vital role here
– must act quickly and decisively
– consumers tend to forgive companies when they know that proper actions are undertaken
news in broadcast media about people places things
Press Release
news release in a document form containing all essential elements of the story: who what where when why
Press Conference
gathering of reporters invited as wittnesses of important info
Experiential Marketing
-form of marketing that creates an emotional connection with a customer in personally relevant and memorable ways

– objective is to connect with consumers so that they “experience” the product

– “feel” the brand which creates a deeper connection with consumers.

– less about quantity and more about quality

Event Marketing
planned by a sponsoring organization of integrating a variety of communication elements to support an event theme
Event Sponsorship
financial support of an event (race) by a sponsor in return for advertising privileges associated with the event.
Sports sponsorship / venue marketing
sports happens at amature and professional levels

venue marketing often associated with sports when a brand is linked to a physical site such as the ACC home of TML and raptors

Festivals, fairs, annual events spnorship
great way to target audiences and do event/experiemental marketing
Cause marketing sponsorships
it involves a company and a non profit entity for mutual benefit. eg.) CIBC run for the cure
Trade show
events where several related products from many manufacturers are displayed and demonstrated to members of a trade. Every industry has trade shows, from ones featuring gourmet products to those highlighting computer technology products
Conferences are similar to conventions, except that the delegates usually come from a single industry or occupation. Conferences have a more educational tone to their programs than do conventions.
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