MISY160 3 and 13

a network of networks that’s the largest network in the world, connecting billions of computers globally
a computer that requests info from a server in a client/server network (such as a computer when you are connected to the internet)
a computer that provides resources to other computer networks
IP address
A number that uniquely identifies each computer or device connected to the Internet. Consists of four numbers separated by dots such as
internet backbones
the main pathway of high-speed communications lines over which all internet traffic flows
Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP)
The protocol that allows files to be transferred from web server so that you can see them on your computer by using a browser
What does the S in HTTPS stand for?
secure; HTTPS protect sensitive information from interception by hackers
Uniform Resource Locator (URL)
A websites unique address; ex. Microsoft.com
What are the parts of a URL? Give an example of each part.
parts of a URL include protocol (such as http:) domain name (such as www.nytimes.com) and, path or sub- directories (such as/pages/crosswords)
breadcrumb trail
A navigation aid that shows users the path they taken to get to a web page or where the page located within the website; it usually appears in the top of a page
The process of conducting business online for purposes ranging from fundraising to advertising to selling products.
plug-in (player)
A small software that “plug in” to a web browser to enable a specific function- for example to view or hear certain multimedia files on the web
File transfer protocol (FTP)
A protocol used to upload and download files from one computer to another over the internet
How are ISPs connected to each other?
IXP- A way of connecting internet service providers (ISPs) that’s made up of one or more network switches to which the ISPs connect
How do individuals connect to an ISP?
Individual internet users enter an ISP through a point of presence (POP)
Point of presence (POP)
A bank of modems, servers, routers, and switches through which internet users connect to an internet service provider
packet switching
A communication methodology that makes computer communication efficient; in packet switching, data is broken into smaller chunks called packets
packet (data packet)
A small segment of data that’s bundled for sending over transmission media. Each packet contains the address of the computer or peripheral device to which its being sent
Transmission Control Protocol (TCP)
One of the original two protocol developed for the internet
the main suite of protocols used for transmitting data over the internet. Named after Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) and Internet Protocol (IP)
Dotted decimal number (dotted quad)
The form of an internet protocol address, where sets of numerals are separated by decimals i.e
Static vs Dynamic IP addressing
Static addressing- IP address for computer never changes and is most likely assigned manually by a network administrator or an ISP. Dynamic Addressing – computer is assigned a temporary address from an available pool of IP addresses. Dynamic is better because it offers more security.
a set of rules fro making up blocks of text so that a browser knows how to display them. They are used to format text documents.
How is a URL converted to an IP Address?
The computer consults the database maintained on a domain name system server that functions like a phone book for the internet.. Looks up domain name
DHCP server
A protocol for assigning dynamic internet protocol addresses
Root DNS server
A domain name system (DNS) server that contains the master listings for an entire top level domain
Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)
The protocol responsible for sending e-mail along the Internet to its destination; part of the Internet Protocol suite
public key encryption key
A type of encryption where two keys, known as key pair are created. One key is used for coding the other for decoding. They key for coding is distributed as a public key, while the private key is retained for coding
private-key encryption
A type of encryption where only two parties involved in sending the message have the code
Key Pair
Java Script
It is a scripting language for creating DHTML effects. Documents can be made responsive to mouse clicks and typing.
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