MIS Test 2 study guide: Collaboration

What is Collaboration?
Occurs when two or more people work together to achieve a common goal, result, or work product. (Requires: communicating, sharing information, sharing knowledge, combining skills, sharing time)
What is the difference/relationship between collaboration and cooperation?
Collaboration involves people working together with one common, shared goal. Whereas Cooperation involves people working together but for their own personal gain.
What are Hackman’s three characteristics of Team Effectiveness?
Accomplish goals and objectives that satisfy sponsors and clients; Over time, working together is easier and more effective; Members learn and feel fulfilled
What are the three factors that drive Collaboration?
Communication, Content management, Workflow control
Define Synchronous Communication:
occurs when team members meet at the same time such as face to face meetings or conference calls
Define Asynchronous Communication:
occurs when team members do not meet at the same time
Define Version Management System:
tracks changes to documents and provide features and functions to accommodate concurrent work
Define Version Control:
Each team member is given an account with a set of permissions. Version control also limits the action that can be taken by any particular user and limits the ability to change documents to certain users
What is the difference between Synchronous and Asynchronous communication?
Team members are present during Synchronous communication, whereas Team members are not present during Asynchronous communication
Describe the difference between Version management systems and version control:
A version control system gives more content control than a version management system
What is an Ad HOC Group?
A group designed to accomplish a specific task or problem
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