MIS 3321 – T1 – DQ

Describe the enabling role of IT in business process management?
It helps automate and integrate the business processes
Describe how IT architecture and IT infrastructure are interrelated?
IT architecture is a high-level view of the current Info assets of an org.
IT infrastructure is the physical facilities (components, services, personnel) that support the org.
The IT infrastructure is and stores the IT assets of the organization.
How has the global, Web-based platform affected competition?
Increased competition by flattening the world.
Explain why IT is both a business pressure and an enabler or response activities that counter business pressures.
It is a business pressure because changes in in IT can be used by other companies to their competitive adv. It is a enables because the company can use it to their competitive adv.
What will the impact of a flat world be on your standard of living?
Increase because of access to things that were not accessible before.
Discuss the logic of building information systems in accordance with the organization’s hierarchical structure.
The information flows through the system like it does normally through the org.
Is IT a strategic weapon or a survival tool?
Describe the five forces in Porter’s competitive forces model and explain how the Internet has affected each one.
Threat of new entrants = Increases
The bargaining power of suppliers = Decreases
The bargaining power of customers (buyers) = Increases
The threat of substitute products or services = Increases
The rivbalry among existing firms in the industry = Increases
Why has the Internet been called the creator of new business models?
Because anyone can create a business on the internet
Discuss the reasons why some information systems fail.
Poor design, not approved by the people using it, not enough training
Why are computer systems so vulnerable?
Why should information security be a prime concern to management?
Because of risk of loss of Info assets and sanctions
What is master data management? What does it have to do with high-quality data?
Keeps a single copy of the data so that there is less redundancy
What is the relationship between a company’s databases and its data warehouse?
The data in the warehouse comes from the companies operational databases (which can be relational)

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