Minnesota Permit Test Practice

How far can you park from a fire hydrant?

How far can you park from a crosswalk?

How far can you stop behind a school bus?

How far can you park from a stop sign?

How far can you park from a railroad crossing?

How far ahead should you turn on your signal before turning?

How far away should you be when you have your high beams on?

How far should you be behind an emergency vehicle?

When a car is approaching how far away should they be to have your high beams on?

How far away should you be away from a bicycle?

How far should you park away from the curb?

How fast can a slow moving vehicle go?
30 mph

How far ahead do expert drivers scan the entire driving scene?
As far as possible

What should you do when you experience a tire blowout?
Grip wheel firmly, take your foot off the gas, steer to a safe place on the right shoulder, and stop carefully

How do you know if you are following too close?
3 second following rule

How can you give yourself adequate time to react to a hazard?
Adjust the position of your car

Where does the basic speed rule not require you to slow down below the posted speed limit?
In ideal conditions

What can you do to avoid or lessen the effects of a side impact collision?
Brake or accelerate quickly

What should you do when you are threatened by a head on collision?
Slow down as much as possible

What is the best defensive driving lane position to take on a country road or rural highway with on coming traffic?
Close to the right edge of the lane

What should you do when your car goes into a skid?
Remove your foot from the accelerator

T/F Do you want to know if your vehicle has ABS?

If you aren’t buckled what is the minimum speed you can be killed?
12 mph

What is the safest place for children?
the back seat

T/F Seat belts that are adjusted and worn properly can make you feel less tired

Where should the safety belt fit snugly?

When is it legal to pass a school bus on a 4 lane, 2 way road?
When the red light on the bus are not flashing

T/F can you get a ticket if you are in reverse and not wearing a seat belt?

T/F Do mailmen have to wear seat belts?

How much should infants weigh until they can stop being in a rear facing seat?
20 lbs

T/F Can school buses stop on highways?

When is a left turn on red permitted?
Turning from a one way street to another one way street

What lane should you drive in on a three lane highway?
Lane two

What should you do when passing on a two lane highway at night?
Blink your headlights

What should you do before changing lanes?
Check your blind spot

What is the Implied Consent Law?
When someone refuses to take a chemical test.

How many states enforce the ICL?
40 and District of Columbia

What fraction of highway deaths are involved with alcohol?

What does alcohol have an immediate effect on?

What is alcohol absorbed into first?

How low can your alcohol levels be if you are arrested for DWI?

How fast can you go in an alley?
15 mph

How fast can you go in a school zone?
25 mph

How fast can you go in a residential area?
30 mph

What is the average speed limit for the freeway?
65 mph

What colors are on a regulatory sign?
Black and white

What colors are on a warning sign?
black and yellow

What colors are on a construction sign?

What does a slow moving vehicle sign look like?
Red and orange triangle

Which way should you turn your wheels when parking uphill with no curb?

Which way should you turn your wheel when parked downhill?

Which way should you turn your wheel when parking uphill with a curb?

What does a white line mean?
same direction

What does a yellow line mean?
opposite direction

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