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Part 6: finish within 23 minutes 101. For prices, please consult the ——- catalogue. (a) enclose(b) enclosed (c) encloses(d) enclosure 102. Payment should be sent by bank ——- in dollars. (a) draft(b) money (c) cashier(d) transport 103.

The warehouse will ——- open during the maintenance work. (a) pause(b) delay (c) allow(d) remain 104. Attendance at the meeting on the 25th is ——. (a) attended(b) mandatory (c) interested(d) requesting 105. All visitors must report to ——- on arrival.

(a) secure(b) secured c) secures(d) security 106. Tickets will go ——- sale four weeks before the performance. (a) at(b) to (c) on(d) in 107. One percent of the cost of construction has been ——- to the purchase of artworks for the lobby.

(a) divided(b) suggested (c) allocated(d) decorated 108. Critics of the plan fear the new regulations will be impossible to ——. (a) advise(b) enforce (c) increase(d) persuade 109. It is hoped that the new packaging will be more ——- to prospective purchasers. a) strong(b) colorful (c) appealing(d) different 110.

Because of the costs, the board is ——- to approve the measures. (a) powerful(b) reluctant (c) difficult(d) expensive 111. For more information, ——- our website www. bigbusiness. com.

(a) look(b) show (c) check(d) offer 112. The movement of the control knobs on the prototype is not yet ——- enough. (a) smooth(b) smoother (c) smoothly(d) smoothing 113. The new painting will ——- in the boardroom. (a) hang(b) place (c) enjoy(d) improve 114.

——- January 1st, trash will be collected on Tuesdays. (a) Begin(b) Began (c) Begins(d) Beginning 115.We are interested in becoming the North American ——- for your products, and would to like to arrange a meeting to discuss this in detail. (a) represent(b) represents (c) to represent(d) representative 116.

A loose electrical ——- caused the equipment to overheat. (a) error(b) worker (c) operation(d) connection 117. The price of copper reached an all-time ——- last week. (a) top(b) record (c) output(d) mining 118. This product is shipped in 10-gallon ——-. (a) drums(b) boats (c) supply(d) postage 119.

The court decided that the advertisement does not ——- our products. a) mistake(b) misapply (c) misfortune(d) misrepresent 120. We have a dedicated export department for ——- sales. (a) abroad(b) overseas (c) stranger(d) foreigner 121. The contract states that we retain ——- of the architect’s plans. (a) priority(b) building (c) ownership(d) application 122.

The documents have been ——- by a failure to maintain proper storage conditions. (a) sent(b) ruined (c) ordered(d) discounted 123. The bank returned the ——- because it lacked an authorizing signature. (a) cash(b) check (c) coins(d) money 124.Use of third-party accessories with this product will ——- the warranty.

(a) void(b) destroy (c) disable(d) validate 125. Upon opening, confirm contents of this box ——- the enclosed parts list. (a) upon(b) within (c) toward(d) against 126. A 30-horsepower motor is available as an optional ——–.

(a) energy(b) upgrade (c) increase(d) reinforcement 127. The restaurant will be closed ——- the health code violations are addressed. (a) for(b) until (c) during(d) through 128. Two-thirds of the university’s incoming ——- class is from out of state. a) grade(b) tuition (c) freshman(d) graduated 129.

The ——- new pipeline would transport 300,000 barrels of oil per day. (a) propose(b) proposed (c) proposal(d) proposing 130. Vancouver-based M-Corp has pledged $5 million to help create ——- for the assembly of the aircraft. (a) pilot(b) machine (c) software(d) workforce 131. The Crossroads Shopping Plaza has had a 30 percent ——- rate for the past two years. (a) store (b) price (c) credit(d) vacancy 132.

Troe Industries will move its production to ——- in Tuscaloosa, Alabama in 2007. (a) profits(b) products c) factories(d) customers 133. On Wednesday, the company announced layoffs that will affect nearly 7 percent of its 8,700 ——- worldwide. (a) awards(b) stories (c) catalogs(d) employees 134. The city has a history of ——- first-rate sporting events.

(a) hosting(b) beating (c) grading(d) visiting 135. The market chain claims that it ——- some 5,000 new products to its shelves annually. (a) adds(b) hires (c) sells(d) replaces 136. ——- the change in management, losses, in terms of quarterly net profit, have fallen dramatically. (a) If(b) By c) Since(d) Because 137.

Indirect employment adds nearly 15,000 more jobs to those ——- by foreign companies in the state. (a) used(b) moved (c) worked(d) provided 138. Instead of playing safe with its repertoire, City Opera has continued to ——- risks. (a) do(b) take (c) have(d) get 139.

The ability to program in both C and FORTRAN would be ——- for this position. (a) an asset(b) a salary (c) a manager(d) an employee 140. Thursday’s ——- of Tim Reynolds as CEO ends Seybol Inc. ’s seven-month search for a top executive.

(a) appointed(b) to appoint c) appointing(d) appointment Questions 141-144 refer to the following letter. |Feathers Flying | |During the four quarters of 2005, Feather Airline’s share _____ rose 103 percent, compared with Bryant Airlines’ shares, which rose only 62 percent. | |141. (a) wing (b) price | |(c) engine (d) ticket | |In the fourth quarter alone, Feather Airline stock more than _____ to hit $18 per share. |142. (a) rose (b) spent | |(c) lifted (d) doubled | |Its closing price last Friday was at $26.

68 per share, an _____ high for the airline. | |143. (a) all-time (b) all the time | |(c) every time (d) each time | |Feather Airline’s current market _____ is $3. 94 billion.

| |144. a) bank (b) aisle | |(c) store (d) value | Questions 145-148 refer to the following letter. |CEO Values Opinions | |Lawrence Smith, Chief Executive at Dynamic Technologies, encourages teamwork over competition among managers and business _____ in his company. |145.

(a) units (b) drawers | |(c) offices (d) calendars | |When big _____ must be made, she always asks managers to give him two different options, with all the positive and | |146. a) times (b) ideas | |(c) folders (d) decision | |negative _____ associated with each option.. | |147.

(a) issues (b) orders | |(c) tables (d) workers | |Smith is so dedicated to building teamwork that 30 percent of managers’ end-of-the-year bonuses are decided by the amount of _____ they put into teamwork. |148. (a) pad (b) word | |(c) group (d) effort | Questions 149-152 refer to the following letter. |”35th Annual Bridge Race to Be Held | |The 35th Annual Bridge Race will be held in Potterstown, OH next Saturday.

| |The five kilometer race goes across the bridge and back _____. ” | |149. a) two (b) pair | |(c) twice (d) double | |The first Bridge Race was held in 1971, to inaugurate the _____ Potterstown Bridge, which was built to replace an aging | |150. a) now (b) common | |(c) current (d) outdated | |and dilapidated _____ that spanned the Fauntleroy River.

| |151. (a) race (b) event | |(c) river (d) bridge | |”The Bridge Race has become a major event in Potterstown; some 15,000 people run the race each _____. |152. (a) year (b) prize | |(c) runner (d) course | |For more information about the Potterstown Bridge Race, visit http://www. bridgerace. org.

” | Part 7 : finish within 22 minutes Welcome to QuickRenew Online License Renewal! | |Thank you for using New York’s new QuickRenew online system to apply for your driver’s license. Please note that our policy has changed as of June 2005. It is | |now our policy not to renew driver’s licenses that have outstanding tickets or violations of any kind. | |You may use this system to renew your license only if you meet ALL the following criteria: |* You currently have a driver’s license and obtained it within the past three years | |* Your license was lost or destroyed AND your name, date of birth, and gender were correct on your lost or destroyed license | |* Your address has not changed | |* Your license is not suspended, has not expired, and is not invalid for any reason | |If you do not meet ALL the criteria above, you must visit one of our offices in person to renew or replace your driver’s license. | 153. When did the company change its policies? (a) May 2005(b) June 2005 (c) September 2005(d) November 2005 154.

According to the passage, which of the following is NOT a condition required to use the online system? (a) No tickets are outstanding. (b) No change of address is needed. (c) The current license was issued in another state. (d) The current license was issued within the past 3 years.

|[pic] | 155. What did Martha Carlson acknowledge about the office furniture? (a) That it was paid for in cash b) That it was delivered on time (c) That it was delivered undamaged (d) That it was paid for by credit card 156. Which of the following was NOT part of Martha Carlson’s order? (a) A desk (b) A lamp (c) A chair (d) A file cabinet. |Plaster Mold Casting | |Plaster mold casting is used to make limited production parts. | |The part to be cast is placed into plaster, which hardens around the part forming a mold. The mold is carefully cut in half and the part inside removed.

The two | |halves of the plaster mold are then reassembled to create a whole piece. Molten metal is poured into the mold.After the metal cools down, the plaster mold is | |broken and the metal piece is removed, cleaned, and polished. | |Cast parts using this technique range in weight from 30g to 7kg. Section thicknesses can be as small as 0. 6mm.

Copper and magnesium are commonly cast using this | |process. | 157. According to the passage, what kind of parts is the plaster mold casting process used to make? (a) Thin parts(b) Heavy parts (c) Precision parts(d) Limited production parts 158. What is the lower end of the weight range for parts made using the plaster mold casting technique? (a) 7g(b) 16g (c) 20g(d) 30g. 159. Which of the following metals is mentioned as being used in plaster mold casting? (a) Zinc(b) Steel (c) Copper(d) Aluminum World of Travel Magazine | |1205 Madison Avenue | |New York, NY | |Dear Lisa Heller, | |Thank you for your comments on Margaret Dawson’s latest article, “A Walk Through the Eastern Gardens.

” A copy of your letter has been forwarded to the author for| |her response. I am sure you will be hearing from her in the near future. | |I am pleased that you found our article informative and interesting, and hope that you will continue to read our publication. Should you have any comments or | |questions in the future, please do not hesitate to write to this office.

| |Adventure Safely! |Mark Greenbaum | |Editor in Chief, | |World of Travel Magazine. | 160. In what kind of magazine did Margaret Dawson’s article appear? (a) An art magazine (b) A food magazine (c) A travel magazine (d) A gardening magazine. 161. What does Mark Greenbaum say happened to the letter Lisa Heller sent? (a) It was sent to an author.

(b) It was entered into a contest. (c) It was published in the magazine. (d) It was filed for future reference. 162.

What does Mark Greenbaum invite Lisa Heller to do? (a) Apply for a fulltime job (b) Submit a magazine article (c) Visit when she is in the area (d) Write again if she has any questions. Investment Pays Off | | | |Last January, Samantha Richards Couture, an $800 million dollar woman’s fashion designer and merchandiser, spent $400 million on a buyout of Sager Brand Stores, | |a chain that specializes in selling low-priced clothing in small towns throughout rural North America. The investment took less than a year to pay off. | |Yesterday, Samantha Richards announced it had nearly doubled its third-quarter profits, over the previous year. The stock market responded by pushing Samantha | |Richards share prices to their highest in the company’s history.

| 163. What is learned about Samantha Richards Couture? (a) It imports textiles from Asia. b) It is worth more than $1 billion. (c) It is seeking to enter new markets. (d) It designs and sells woman’s clothing. 164.

What did Samantha Richards Couture do the previous year? (a) Purchased another company (b) Emerged from financial troubles (c) Released a successful product line (d) Sold its most profitable business unit 165. What is learned about Sager Brand Stores? (a) It operates internationally. (b) It owes nearly $800 million. (c) It has more than 6,000 outlets.

(d) It sells mainly in small towns. |The Eiffel Tower | |The Eiffel Tower is one of the most recognizable landmarks in the world.Made entirely of iron latticework, it stands 986 feet tall, not including the 79-foot | |antenna on top, and weighs in at an impressive 10,100 tons. | |For 40 years the Tower held the honor of being the world’s tallest building. These days it is far from the tallest, but it is still visited by more than 6 | |million people each year.

| |The Tower is open to visitors Tuesday through Sunday from 11 a. m. to 9 p. m | 166. Which of the following is NOT described about the Eiffel Tower in the brochure? (a) Its age(b) Its height (c) Its weight(d) Its building material 167.

On which day is the Eiffel Tower closed to visitors? (a) Monday(b) Tuesday (c) Sunday(d) Wednesday. 168.For how long was the Eiffel Tower the world’s tallest structure? (a) 17 years(b) 24 years (c) 30 years(d) 40 years |[pic] | 169. From the information in the graph, what can be said about the year 2001? (a) Support sales rose to their highest level. (b) Hardware sales and support sales were the same. (c) Support sales were much higher than hardware sales.

(d) Hardware sales and support sales both increased from the previous year 170. What general trend is shown by the graph? (a) Support sales rose every year. (b) Hardware always exceeded support sales. (c) Support always exceeded hardware sales. d) Hardware sales increased while support sales remained unchanged.

171. In which year were hardware sales the highest? (a) 1999(b) 2000 (c) 2001(d) 2003. 172. How much support was sold in 2003? (a) $5. 0 million(b) $12.

5 million (c) $27. 5 million(d) $30. 0 million. |Alice Kwak | |2551 Lancey Street | |Toronto, Ontario M2O 2R5 | |P.

(566) 734-4470 | |E-mail: [email protected] ca | |Ms.Rory Saunders | |Human Resources Manager | |Trinity Client Publications | |881 Second Avenue | |Toronto, Ontario M20 3K2 | |Dear Ms. Saunders: | |I am writing in regard to the Administrative Assistant position that is available at Trinity Client Publications.

|I have just completed the Office Administration program at Frayer College and am excited to try my skills in the real world. I am literate in basic computer | |programs, and have writing, editing, and critical thinking skills. I work well with tight deadlines, and am a highly-motivated self-starter. | |At past jobs I have edited letters, memos, and proposals, and corresponded with clients and donors. I am efficient and accurate in all my work.

Please consult | |the enclosed resume for additional information about my work experience. | |Thank you for taking the time to consider my application. If you have any questions you can reach me at (566) 734-4470 or at [email protected] ca. |Sincerely, | |Alice Kwak | |Encl. | 173.

In which of the following areas does Alice Kwak claim to have experience? (a) Using databases (b) Editing letters (c) Arranging travel (d) Organizing files. 174. Which of the following has been included with Alice Kwak’s letter? (a) A resume (b) A photograph (c) A reference list (d) A sample of her work 175. Who is Rory Saunders? (a) A copy editor (b) A Career Center employee (c) A human resources manager (d) A teacher at Frayer College. 176.

What does Alice Kwak describe herself as being? (a) Organized (b) A team player (c) A self-starter d) Good with people |[pic] | 177. In which year was whole milk consumed the most? (a) 1980(b) 1985 (c) 1990(d) 1995. 178. What trend does the graph show? (a) Consumption of whole milk is declining. (b) Consumption of lowfat milk is increasing. (c) Consumption of all milk types is decreasing.

(d) Consumption of skim milk is increasing faster than other types. 179. What was the per capita milk consumption for skim milk in 1995? (a) 30 gallons(b) 50 gallons (c) 70 gallons(d) 90 gallons. 180. What is true about the graph? (a) It measures milk in liters. (b) It spans a four year period.

c) It compares three kinds of milk. (d) It shows household consumption of milk. |To: Dianne Thomas | |From: Jason Levy M | |Date: Tuesday May 25, 2005 8:37:12 a. m. | |Subject: A favor to ask | |——————————————————————— | |Hello Dianne, | |I need you to do a big favor for me. There’s a package sitting on my desk that needs to be sent to the London office.

They had asked me to edit our annual report| |before it goes to press and they need it back this week. The manuscript is packaged and addressed; it needs to be sent with some kind of express mail service. | |Please go online and look at the In-A-Flash Delivery Service site (www. inaflashdelivery.

com). | |Enter the destination (London office), how much it weighs (1 pound), when you need it to arrive (overnight). You can pay for it online and they’ll automatically | |send someone over to the office to pick the package up. Make sure you print a receipt when you pay for it, and make sure you get a receipt when the package gets | |picked up.

The package weighs about a pound. It needs to arrive in London by Friday. |I have meetings all day and won’t be in the office until around 4p. m. Can you please see that the package goes out this morning? Once it’s been sent, can you | |send Peggy an e-mail and just let her know the package is out the door and that she can expect it before Friday? | |Thanks, | |Jason | |========================================================================== | |[pic] | 181.

Where does Jason say the package can be found? (a) On his desk (b) At reception (c) On the coffee table d) By the photocopy machine. 182. What does Jason ask Dianne to do? (a) Go to the post office to send the package. (b) Leave the confirmation number on his desk. (c) Purchase additional insurance for the package.

(d) Print a receipt when she pays for the shipping. 183. When does the package need to get to London? (a) Tuesday (b) Wednesday (c) Thursday (d) Friday 184. How much does it cost to send a package to Europe in three days? (a) $18. 45 (b) $26.

5 (c) $38. 95 (d) $44. 15 185. For which kind of package does the table give prices? (a) Gifts, over five pounds (b) Gifts, up to three pounds (c) Documents, up to one pound (d) Documents, two to four pounds.

M E M O R A N D U M | |Liberty Legal Services 302 Pine Street, Suite 2300 | |Los Angeles, CA 80214 | |Dear Colleagues, | |I am writing to introduce the newest member on our staff. Andrea Langley comes to us straight out of Hanfard Law School, where she graduated | |at the top of her class.As is typical of our new lawyers, she will spend her first six months here working with various people in the office. | |This month Andrea will be working with Karen Jackson in our real estate division. Next month she will work with Larry Dean in licensing. That | |is as far as we have her schedule planned.

If any of you have some time to spend with Andrea and have some interesting projects coming up, | |please let me know and we may be able to arrange for her to work with you. Please keep in mind that we do not want an intelligent and eager | |young lawyer like Andrea doing busy work. Her mind is much more useful to us than that. | |Please take a moment to stop by Andrea’s desk and introduce yourselves. And congratulate her for passing her exam.

|Thanks, | |Scott | |Scott Hartman | |Senior Partner. | |——————————————————————————————————————— | |To: Scott Hartman | |From: Nancy Strong | |Date: July 1, 2005 10:45:19 a. m. |Subject: Andrea Langley | |Scott, | |I got your memo about Andrea Langley. I’m starting to work on an interesting and difficult case that I think would be a good learning | |experience for her; I could use the help while she’s making her rounds.

| |The case I want her for is a mergers and acquisitions case.It’s for a merger between two high-powered technology companies. Due to their | |backgrounds, it will require a fair amount of paperwork. There will also be a lot of research required, and I think it would give her a real | |taste of what most work in mergers and acquisitions is like. |If it’s okay with you, would you please run it by Andrea? We’d really love her down in this office for a few weeks. | |Thanks, | |Nancy Strong.

| 186. What is learned about Andrea Langley? (a) She is Nancy Strong’s niece. (b) She recently graduated from school. (c) She worked as a legal secretary for several years. (d) She signed a one-year contract to work with Liberty. 187.

What will Andrea Langley do during her first six months at Liberty? a) Work with several lawyers (b) Concentrate on a single case (c) Learn about California’s laws d) Specialize in one area of law. 188. What does Scott Hartman NOT ask people to do? (a) Introduce themselves to Andrea Langley (b) Andrea Langley to observe them in court (c) Suggest projects for Andrea Langley to work on (d) Congratulate Andrea Langley for her accomplishment. 189.

In which area of law does Nancy Strong work? (a) Adoption (b) Licensing (c) Real estate (d) Corporate mergers. 190. What does Nancy Strong say about the case she is working on? (a) It is likely to be resolved out of court. (b) It will involve a great deal of research. (c) It is receiving publicity in the newspapers. (d) It requires a person with strong computer skills.

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