Milgrams studies on obedience to authority showed that
Most ‘teachers’ delivered the maximim amount if dhock to the ‘learner’

Milgram’s intention in conducting his studies o obedience was to replicate the social situation in
Nazi Germany

How many ps went to 300 volts
All of them

This study broke the (since-established) ethical guidelines of
All of these choices

Ps in the Milgram study were all

The ps was told that the ‘learner’ has to learn:
Word pairs

The study demonstrated the
The situation is a powerful influence of behavior

The number of participants was

The participants were paid

The ps were recruited by
Newspaper advertisements

Which one of these was not a prod used my mr. Williams
Go on or else I will have to terminate the experiment

The dependent variable of the Milgram experiment was
The level of shock given to the learner

Which of the following features did Milgram suggest contributed to the obedience rate
All of these choices are correct

The participants responded to the stress of the experiment in many ways including
All of these choices are correct

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