Milady Esthetics Ch. 23

What is explained in the literature most companies provide for their products?
Theory behind their products.
What is the main purpose of sales quotas?
To stimulate growth.
What is the prudent for you to formulate your own sales objectives?
When you think your salons quota system is too conservative.
What should you do sometime between 24 hours and 1 week after clients salon visit?
Place a follow-up phone call.
What are some benefits of receiving referrals from clients, coworkers, and other people?
Enhancing existing clientele and increasing business?
What is one of the best methods of advertising for a salon?
Referrals from current clients.
What client behavior do you encourage by offering client incentives such as information about upcoming special offers?
When should you find out what the client already knows about his or her own skin?
Before trying to educate the client about products or services.
When is it appropriate to reveal to the client that you don’t know something?
When the client request information about an unfamiliar subject.
What is retailing?
The art of recommending and selling products to clients for at home use.
What is up selling?
Practice of encouraging clients to add services to an in salon treatment.
What are consultation skills crucial for accomplishing?
Recommending products and services.
What effect of repeat customers have on a business?
Keep the business flowing.
Why are estheticians expected to bring client attention to sales promotions?
That is the estheticians role in supporting advertising strategies.
Whose needs does a successful sales and marketing program meet?
Both client and esthetician.
What can the esthetician accomplish by learning to recognize the value in selling?
Moving beyond the negative connotations of selling.
What is one of the estheticians professional responsibilities?
Recommending and providing quality skin care products for clients.
What do you become once you are educated on the benefits of products and services?
Committed to their value.
What are advertisements?
Paid promotional efforts intended to increase business.
What is the benefit of keeping good client records?
Serving client needs better.
What is one possible element of the closing consultation?
Preparing a home care program.
What is consultative selling?
Advising clients and recommending the best treatments for them.
What are examples of direct marketing?
Postcards, Coupons, text messages
What term refers to strategy for how goods and services are bought sold and exchanged?
What is promotion
Process of getting the customers attention
What term refers to how we sell products are displayed in the salon?
What is the correct term for free media attention?
What is included on an intake form?
Complete client information, client health, skin care habits
What is an example of hard selling?
Repeating emphatically why a client should buy a product.
What can interfere with the relaxation benefit of a treatment?
Improperly utilized sales techniques.
What is the main criteria for selecting the products and services you recommend to a particular client?
Benefits for that specific client.
When is it recommended that you demonstrate the use of products and treatment?
Whenever possible.
What is most important for you to know about your products and services?
Benefits and features
What can you increase once you gain a comprehensive knowledge of products and services?
Retail sales
What should you do when faced with an overwhelming amount of information about retail products?
Breakdown product knowledge into manageable categories
Promotional efforts that are paid for and directly intended to increase business
Client Record Keeping
A method of taking personal notes to help the esthetics remember important information about each client
Closing consultaion
An opportunity at the end of a session to review product recommendation, prepare home care, any additional information
Consultive selling
Recommending best products and treatments for the clients needs
Direct Marketing
Any effort to reach the customer directly (mail, text message, coupons, email)
A strategy for how goods are sold, bought, or traded
How retail products are displayed and arrange
Process of getting the customers attention with intentions to increase business
Marketing strategy used to gain free media attention
Intake form to gather customer information
Act of recommending and selling products for at home use
Process of adding on services and products to existing sales
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