Migration and national and minority group identity Essay

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The universe is altering. Migration is taking topographic point on a graduated table earlier unobserved, which have effects on the society of both state of beginning every bit good as state of in-migration. It besides affects peoples ‘ lives and wonts. Today the society is progressively diverse, with a broad scope of values, beliefs and positions neighbouring on the same street alternatively of neighbouring continents. The meeting between these different points of positions can do either struggle or a rich society where these positions have been used to construct on a stronger foundation in the society.

Identities are to a high grade relational, dependant of both context and state of affairs. In the ne’er stoping procedure of self- designation the credence of others is a key in a constructive personal development. This applies both on minorities, the bulk every bit good as for the national group individuality.

A figure of bookmans have approached the subject in assorted ways, which gives us great chance to work with different stuff and see different points of position.


To intensify the apprehension of multicultural society, influenced by increasing universe migration and people ‘s motion ; to understand how the changing universe impacts on the alteration of constructing individual ‘s ain individuality ; and by deriving the cognition on these issues to use them in our hereafter professions and assist smoother integrating in our societies.

Aim – Questions:

How do people place themselves through ethnicity?

How is migration altering the procedure of ego designation?

Is there a manner to assist people incorporate in the new societies ( and besides assist societies accept the fledglings ) ?


Although the grounds for migrating are different and altering, such factors as development, democracy and human ecology are ever behind them ( GCIM 2005: 12 from Castles & A ; Miller 2009: 56 ) . The addition of international migration is foreseen due to turning inequalities between the North and the South. Despite the fact that immigrant life is ne’er easy, people still chose it over lives in their ain state if they are threatened by war or poorness. History is however an of import participant within international migration ; the colonial bequest is the cause of go oning underdevelopment, poorness and non-democracy in post-colonial states ( Castles & A ; Miller 2009: 191 ) . There is an grounds of a inclination of residential and labour segregation and cultural group formation within the in-migration states, still there are differences in public attitudes and in-migration policies ( Castles & A ; Miller 2009: 245 ) .

International migration has the consequence of conveying about deep alteration in both sending and having societies. This on a political, economical and demographic degree, every bit good as it besides brings with it societal and cultural alterations ( Castles & A ; Miller, 2009: 123 ) . To manage these alterations a fluctuation of in-migration policies have been tried but it is possible to separate three groups of states that, affected by their history, have chosen different waies. These policies have a direct affect on the lives of immigrants. One scheme can be seen in above all Germany which tries to use a “ guest worker ” theoretical account, restricting immigrants civic rights, the 2nd are former imperial provinces, where the policies where more favourable, leting household reunion, allowing citizenship etc. the group most prone to a multiculturalists attack are the “ classical in-migration ” states, where lasting colony and household reunion were encouraged. ( Castles & A ; Miller 2009: 250 ) . Mugwump of the theoretical account used troubles will happen both in the public and private domains of society. The chief job within the country of international migration is making an integrated society and doing all the people civic peers. Such policies for immigrant incorporation have frequently failed to halt the marginalisation of immigrants and had to be rejected. Castles & A ; Miller ( 2009: 275-276 ) conclude that this failure is caused by inability to manage two hard jobs, that are the so called civilization of racism, colonialist and imperialist relic, and the of all time increasing unfairness created by globalisation and in-migration.

Fear of immigrant civilization and demand of immediate integrating and creative activity of incorporate civilization merely deepen the spread between the host society and immigrants and makes the feeling of inactive civilization ; therefore it stops the bulk from seeing persons in migrator groups ( Ghorashi, Hylland Eriksen & A ; Alghasi 2009: 4 ) . To a great trade depending on the bulk ‘s attitudes towards the minority the bounds created between them can be a portion of a hierarchal boundary pulling procedure doing struggles and radicalization on both bulk and minority ( Purkayastha 2008 ) . All the issues mentioned above are taking towards greater racialization of ethnicity and are a great menace to democracy and its moralss.

Our mundane life is visibly altering due to increased international migration, people, particularly the younger coevals, go more ethnically and culturally diverse. The immigrants most of the clip have a differentiation from the bulk group, be it linguistic communication, faith, physical visual aspect or merely a different function as a citizen. Those differences would most probably be put into words such as “ ethnicity ” or “ race ” . ( Castles & A ; Miller 2009: 14 ) . Some researches put the relationship between the bulk and minority as “ an independent power relationship ” ( Kjeldstadli 2009: 66 ) , in this instance the bulk has the privilege to show jobs. Categorizing may take to a bigger extent of boundaries, marginalisation and racialization in the society, so people have to be careful before doing them as ethnicity is of import non merely in societal life, but besides in the political ( Castles & A ; Miller 2009: 37 ) . Such mode is influenced by historical class of East being ever subordinate to West and different ethnicities are seen in a visible radiation of theory of evolution ( Ghorashi, Hylland Eriksen & A ; Alghasi 2009: 3 ) . Whereas in the existent life, ethnicity and personal qualities are ne’er the same and depend on the context they are taking topographic point in ( Ghorashi, Hylland Eriksen & A ; Alghasi 2009: 7 ) . The societal and cultural alterations in society are a mark of merely how relational ethnicity is. Here the construct of “ ethnicity negotiating ” creates a clear image on the procedure. It highlights the fact that “ ethnicity ” is a societal building, it draws attending to the assorted histrions in this procedure, and besides to constructions making both hinders and possibilities on the bounds of cultural groups. The position of ethnicity as inactive is challenged and the persons ain picks seen as decisive to organizing of what is portion of their ethnicity. Thus this position besides focus each person in relation to both the ain cultural group and other. Persons are affected by more than one civilization ; they are influenced by a broad scope of fortunes and have the possibility of choice in order to make a manner of life that harmonizing to themselves are the most suited ( Gutmann 2001: 10177 ) .

Castles & A ; Miller ( 2009: 33-34 ) explain a assortment of accounts and derivations of the construct of ethnicity. It is said that ethnicity is chiefly a “ sense of group belonging, based on thoughts of common beginnings, history, civilization, experience and values ” ( Castles & A ; Miller 2009: 33 ) . Interestingly it is really different from a construct of a race, it does non include any physical makings and every bit mentioned in Castles & A ; Miller ( 2009: 33 ) it is based on merely lingual and cultural procedure. So we see the primary cogent evidence of ethnicity non being an unchangeable and inactive construct as it is the ever-changing procedure by people included in certain cultural group.

However, such descriptions of ethnicity can be argued all together as some researches see it as a complete “ myth ” or “ nostalgia ” ( Castles & A ; Miller 2009: 34 ) . Some reference that such group adhering factor as ethnicity helps in a hard state of affairss, it is seen as kind of mobilisation against the oppressors and keeps the group together ( Castles & A ; Miller 2009: 34 ) . But despite the fact that ethnicity can be seen as a mere fairy tale and a simple instrument for making one ‘s ends in the eyes of scientists, it is undeniably deriving more and more power and influence in our modern societies.

Knowing the state of affairs and background of ethnicity itself, we can now see the difference that Castles & A ; Miller ( 2009: 32 ) ballad between cultural communities and cultural minorities. The formations of those are extremely dependent on the states policies towards immigrants. On one manus, the state can be really unfastened to everyone and grant equal rights to every fledgling, yet the other extreme is a complete denial of citizenship and colony. It is said that most of states still lie someplace in the center between the two extremes that makes cultural minority a common site everyplace ( Castles & A ; Miller 2009: 32 ) . Though an cultural minority is non merely produced by the bulk population and their designation of others ; the cultural minority itself makes a clear designation of themselves as a group ( Castles & A ; Miller 2009: 33 ) .


Scholarly literature content analysis is a really of import portion of any research as it gives one the basic apprehension of the issue, helps to acquire to cognize both constructs and positions of researches.

Participant observation is giving you the opportunity non to merely see the research objects in their day-to-day life, but besides lets you to take part in it with them and thereby accomplish a better and deeper apprehension of issues.

Interview is good to acquire to cognize a peculiar thing. It is hence a portion of qualitative research as merely partially structured interview is used, which lets you to use it to different state of affairss and contexts and gives good quality result.


After transporting out our initial undertaking we could see a clear way that is needed to be taken to avoid farther disaffection and marginalisation of society. That is, clear societal policies of integrating and colony, good base of instruction, instruction of societal and civil duties and besides cultural apprehension. It feels like a perfect universe is merely steps off with such an apprehension, yet it does n’t go on in the existent life. Can we understand why?

One of the chief grounds can be seen as a natural human demand of classification. Peoples need certain classs for everything in their lives and that is the lone manner they can maintain it in order, they can maintain path of what is go oning. Despite a really guiltless nature of classs, they can sometimes be barbarous and deceptive. Even without cognizing that people tend to set some derogatory classs on people around them and it is most likely to go on to person who is different, person we do n’t cognize that good and we might be scared of.

Second, with the addition of planetary economic system and cultural diffusion, national civilization has become much less powerful and more questionable. However, such a procedure has had an opposite result, non that we are heading towards a more incorporate and heterogenous society, but all the other manner unit of ammunition. The immigrants are merely seen as an increasing menace to already unstable national civilization and society tends to acquire more homogeneous. Although in most of the instances it can be seen as a simple fright of a coup d’etat of a different civilization, really frequently it can be a instance of dominant group experiencing superior to fringy groups, depicting them as “ aboriginal, inactive and regressive ” . ( Castles & A ; Miller 2009: 39 ) .

As it was already said, there is a high demand of instruction about other civilizations and civic society as the unknown ever seems a batch more different from you than it really is. Yet, people ‘s ignorance does n’t allow the information to acquire through to them, so we see here such a high duty for instructors to really play a really active function in educating the society in seeking to make everybody and make a better environment at least in school. Schools are topographic points where immature people are shaped and larn both about the universe, themselves and others. Different properties such as gender, societal economic background and ethnicity has proved to be markers when it comes to both the academic and the societal development of the students. The work of making an environment where persons are free to move unattached to general stereotypes that may be impeding students ‘ advancement is a great duty and challenge for any instructor. Swedish policies on in-migration have been promoting the growing of a multicultural society and thereby besides schools. Every individuals equal value and rights to develop his or her personality without restrictions, and the fact that the diverseness of civilizations are a beginning of cognition, is clearly stated in the Swedish course of study ( Lpf-94: 3 ) .

As we have seen in pattern school environment is really frequently the start for a farther segregation. This can be said about formal and institutional separation of non-native talkers in Lithuania, where they are sent to separate schools, where topics are taught in their native linguistic communication ( Russian or Polish ) . This non merely separates kids of immature age and bounds their possibilities, but it goes on to farther life as they do non get good degree of Lithuanian, which prevents them from acquiring better occupations and being socially and politically active. Some researches even claim that it is a rareness to see an inter-ethnic matrimony in Lithuania ( Kasatkina, LeonA?ikas, 2003 ) .

A small different but yet the same state of affairs could be seen at the high school in Trelleborg, segregation has proved to be a challenge that has non been decently addressed. Even though childs from all over the universe are seated side by side they, in many instances, are separated by the cultural boundaries created by themselves. This has been showed both in observations and in interviews. Of class the image is more many-sided and the state of affairs varies between categories but in general the students are prone to socialise within their cultural group and in many besides play the stereotype function that is prevailing in society. In this instance the school does non hold any program of action refering these issues. It is non seen as portion of the work to mind the relationship between the students. To a certain grade we consider this to be right but when it comes to a state of affairs where position quo is lending to a segregated society and students with foreign background that are stepping, or being pressed, into functions that perceives ignorance and unconcern every bit good qualities, something is needed to interrupt this form.

Although it can be said that in many instances racial and cultural bias comes out of carnival of unknown, something you ca n’t understand, sometimes it can be some historical events that lead to mistrust of people of other cultural descent. Lithuania is a clear illustration of it, the state that suffered foreign opinion and influence for 100s of old ages and struggled to maintain its ain cultural heritage so difficult is merely excessively stigmatized and non ready for the talk of multicultural society. It can be disconcerting and difficult for cultural minorities in such a state, but national individuality edifice is their precedence at the current clip. In Western Europe everybody is accustomed with constructing a different type of environment, but it is good to cognize what is go oning in other parts of Europe and understand the factors.

One of the last things to be said is as Castles and Miller say, there is no ethnically homogeneous society, nor did one like that of all time exist and all nation-states have to confront it ( Castles, Miller, 2003: 286 ) . With this in head as one of the chief nucleus basic thoughts we can all get down life in culturally and ethnically inclusive universe. We should eventually understand that life among people with different backgrounds is non to be stopped, but to be used as an enriching factor, as something you should be glad to be sing. Today, we do non hold to go 2000 stat mis to see the universe, the universe is coming right to our doorsills.

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