Midterms ’11 Subjective.

According to Charles’s law, what will happen if the volume of a gas if the temperature is doubled?
If the temperature is doubled then the volume of the gas will increase. The volume will do what the temperature does and vice versa.
Compare the two ways of vaporization. Give three ways they are different.
The two ways of vaporization are boiling and evaporization. They are different because: evaporization is a slow process and boiling is a fast one, evaporization occurs on the surface of a liquid and boiling is through the entire liquid, and in evaporization the water has to be room temperature (26 celcius) and in boilinhg the temperature has to be 100 degrees celcius.
Give three ways the two ways of vaporization are alike.
Evaporization and Boiling are alike because the energy of the molecules increase for both processes, they both use h20, and both processes start out using h20 before changing.
What is a solution?
A homogeneous mixture when one substance is completely dissolved in another.
What are the 6 factors in making a true solution? SCEIDSS
A true solution has:
*small, invisible particles
*The particles cant be separated by physical needs
*The particles must be evenly spread out
*All parts have to be identical
*A true solution doesn’t always have to be a liquid
*Has a solvent which does the dissolving
and has a solute which is dissolved.
When doing solve for variable problems (mass/length/width/etc) what must you put in each step?
The letter of what you are solving for. Ex: if you are finding length put “L”
When doing conversion problems what must you have in each step?
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