Midterm Study Guide

characteristics are color, hardness, flammability, smooth, etc.
Properties of Matter
2 or more substances NOT chemically combined
can not be broken down to an element
a substance that cannot be broken down into another substance by physical or chemical means
a substance made of two or more elements chemically combined
does not create a new material or change appearence
Physical Change
produces a new substance
Chemical Change
(A) atom is a nucleus surrounded by negative electrons
(B) nuclei contains protons and neutrons
(C) protons are positive
(D) neutrons have no charge
(E) electrons – negative charge
(F) # of protons = # of electrons = atomic #
(G) # of neutrons is ca
Atomic Structure
number of electrons on the outer shell (8 of these=stable)
Valence Electrons
metals to the left of the zigzag line- each group has the same # of electrons (elements on the left are very reactive, those on the right side are least reactive; 8 valence electrons=stable)
Periodic Table Organization
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