midterm review. chem.

How many base units are in SI?
What is a defined unit in a system of measurement that is based on an object or event in the physical world.
base unit
What is the base unit for time?
second (s)
What is the base unit for length?
What is the base unit for mass?
kilogram (kg)
What is the base unit for temperature?
kelvin (k)
What is the base unit for an amount of a substance?
mole (mol)
What is the base unit for electric current?
ampere (a)
What is the base unit for luminous intensity ?
candela (cd)
A meter is the distance that _ travels through a vacuum in 1/299 792 458 of a second.
What is the term for a space containing no matter?
Giga … (give number)
1 000 000 000
Mega … (give number)
1 000 000
kilo.. give number.
deci… give number.
centi.. give number
milli… give number
A kilogram is about _._ pounds (give number)
A unit that is defined by a combination of base units is called a _ unit.
Volume and density are measured in
a. derived units
b. base units
a. derived
_ is the space occupied by an object
What is the derived unit for volume?
cubic meter
The metric unit for volume equal to one cubic decimeter is a _.
_ are used to measure the amount of liquid in a contained of bottled water or a carbonated beverage.
One liter = _ milliliters.
_ is a ratio that compares the mass of an object to its volume.
The units for density are often _ per cubic centimeter.
grams ….. (g/cm^3)
What is the equation for density?
d= mass/volume
How can you remember the formula for density?
The _ of an object is a measure of how hot or cold the object is relative to other objects.
Hot and cold are _ terms.
a. qualitative
b. quantitative
Name the two scales used for temperature.
Celsius and Kelvin
The Celsius scale was devised by..
Anders Celsius
On the Celsiusscale, Anders defined the freezing point as _ and the boiling point as _.
0, 100
The Kelvin scale was devised by a Scottish physicist and mathematician named..?
William Thomson
A _ is the Si base unit of temperature.
On the Kelvin scale, water freezes at about _ K and boils at about _ k.
273, 373
Is the degree sign used for kelvin?
To convert Celsius into kelvins, you _aORb _ (in other blank name the number)
a. subtract
b. add
add 273
To concert Kelvin to Celsius, you _aORb _ (second blank give number)
a. add
b. subtract
subtract 273
_ expresses numbers as a multiple of two facts.
scientific notation
What is a ratio of equivalent values used to express the same quantity in different units?
conversion factor
true or false. a conversion factor is always equal to one.
What is a method of problem-solving that focuses on the units used to describe matter.
dimensional analysis
true or false. dimensional analysis does not use conversion factors.
_ refers to how close a measured value is to an accepted value.
) refers to how close a series of measurements are to one another.
What is the ratio of an error to an accepted value?
percent error
What is the formula to find percent error?
percent error = (error / accepted value) times 100
Significant figures include all known digits plus one estimated digit. true or false.

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