midterm review. chem.

What did Rutherford’s model lack?
it lacked detail about how electrons occupy the space surrounding the nucleus
True or false; Scientists observed that certain elements emitted visible light when heated in a flame.
… is a form of energy that exhibits wavelike behavior as it travels through space.
electromagnetic spectrum
Visible light is a type of _ radiation.
wavelength, frequency, amplitude, and speed are all primary characteristics of all _
λ is the symbol for..
λ is called (not wavelength but the actual Greek term)
_ is the shortest distance between equivalent points on a continuous wave.
wavelength is measured from _ to _ or _ to _.
crest to crest; trough to trough
Frequency is represented by..
v (pronounced nu)
_ is the number of waves that pass a given point per second.
What is the Si unit of frequency?
one hertz
true or false; one hertz equals one wave per second
The _ of a wave is the wave’s height from the origin to a crest, or from the origin to a trough.
All electromagnetic waves, including visible light, travel at a speed of…
3.00 x 10^8 m/s in a vacuum
the symbol of speed of light is
the equation for the speed of light is
c = λ times v (wavelength times frequency)
The electromagnetic spectrum encompasses all forms of electromagnetic radiation. true or false
Name the order of the colors that pass through a prism.
Roy G. Biv (red orange yellow green blue indigo violet)
Who came to the conclusion that matter can gain or lose energy only in small, specific amounts called quanta.
Max Planck
Planck came to the conclusion that matter can gain or lose energy only in small specific amounts called _
A _ is the minimum amount of energy that can be gained or lost by an atom.
Planck and other physicists of the time thought that the concept of _ energy was revolutionary- and some found it disturbing.
E (subscript)quantum(no subscript) – hv . what does everything stand for?
E is energy, h is Planck’s constant, and v is frequency
Planck’s constant has a value of _ x 10^_ joules per second
6.636, -34
The Si unit for energy is the ..
Which has a greater energy; red light or violet light?
In the _ _ , electrons called photoelectrons, are emitted from a metal’s surface when light of a certain frequency shines on the surface.
photoelectric effect
Albert Einstein propsed that _ radiation has both wavelike and particlelike natures.
A _ is a particle of electromagnetic radiation with no mass that carries a quantum of energy
Einstein extended Planck’s idea and made his own equation. Which was.. E(subscript) photon (no subscript) =
The light of the neon gas (in a neon sign) is produced by passing electicity through a tube filled with..
neon gas
True or false; in neon signs, neon atoms in the tube absorb energy and become excited. These excited and unstable atoms then release energy by emitting light.
If the light emitted by the neon is passed through a glass prism, neon’s ….. is produced.
atomic emission spectrum
The … of an element is the set of frequencies of the electromagnetic waves emitted by atoms of the element.
atomic emission spectrum
Neon’s atomic emission spectrum consists of several individual lines of color, not a continuous range of colors as seen in the _ spectrum.
An …. is characteristic of the element being examined and can be used to identify that element.
atomic emission spectrum
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