Midterm practice for lodging operations

Which group creates and markets professional development and training programs for the hotel industry?
The Educational Institute
In which type of booking model are room rates not seen by guests until after they have successfully “bid” for a room?
Opaque rate model
What is most likely to happen when many travelers want to visit and stay in an area?
Room rates and the number of operating hotel properties will increase
What is the lodging industry term for an organization that provides travel booking services on the Internet?
What is the greatest difference between full-service hotels and limited-service hotels?
The food and beverage service offered by the hotels
Which group would be classified as “leisure travelers”?
A family on vacation
Which of the following is the formula hoteliers use to calculate RevPAR?
ADR x Occupancy Rate = RevPAR
Which state is not among the three largest car rental location states?
New York
What is the travel industry term used to describe a group of travel services, such as hotel rooms, meals, and airfare, sold for one price?
In the small town of Someko, Michigan there are 5 hotels with a combined total of 650 sleeping rooms. During the month of June an average of 400 of those 650 rooms were sold each day, generating $29,200 in room sales. What was the Average Daily Rate (ADR) of the town of Someko for the month of June?
Which term refers to the fact that the decline in value of a hotel asset is generally tax deductible?
What is the name for the franchise disclosure document prepared by a franchisor and registered and filed with the state governmental agency responsible for administering franchise relationships?
What is the agency that enforces federal antitrust and consumer protection laws related to franchisors?
When a management agreement is written it can include all of the following elements with the exception of which?
Extended fee schedule
What is the term used to identify those who purchase the rights to use a hotel’s brand name?
Which brand is generally recognized as the first hotel chain?
Holiday Inn
What is the lodging industry term for a hotel that is not part of a franchise group?
What is one reason that a hotel owner might consider hiring a hotel management company?
Improved overall management of the hotel
What is another lodging industry term for a specific hotel brand name?
What is the primary factor that determines the total fees that franchisors can charge franchisees who want to affiliate with the franchisor’s brand?
The strength of the brand name and the revenue the name will bring to the hotel
What is the purpose of helping employees plan a career ladder?
To encourage employees to consider a long-term career in the hospitality industry
What is another industry term commonly used to identify entry-level workers?
Hourly workers
Which of the following leadership styles is least likely to result in employees becoming dedicated team players?
Who is the person best qualified to make final decisions regarding the selection of new employees?
The manager of the department in which the employee will work
What do the leaders of effective work teams know?
Their teams must have the full support of upper management.
Which of the following leadership styles is most effective when used with experienced employees by supervisors who have an interest in fostering a culture of cooperation?
What is true about bona fide occupational qualifications (BOQs)?
They may be used to prevent minors from serving alcohol.
In hotels without a human resources department, who is most likely to assume HR responsibilities?
The general manger and department hands
At-will employment means that an employer can decide to dismiss an employee because the employee:
Has a bad attitude in the opinion of the employer
What is the industry term used to describe a carefully planned series of corrective actions, each increasing in severity and designed to encourage employees to follow established work rules?
Progressive discipline
Which factor most influences guest perceptions about their experience at a lodging operation?
How can guest service best be integrated with employee reward systems?
By associating performance in providing guest service with employee compensation
Which of the following is essential if employees are to effectively resolve guest problems as they occur?
The authority to make key decisions
Which company’s motto is “We are Ladies and Gentlemen serving Ladies and Gentlemen”?
Ritz Carlton
When can a cross-functional team be an effective operational tool in a hotel?
When resolving hotel operating problems
Which is an example of consumer-generated content Web site?
When the entire staff of a hotel consistently fail to deliver quality service to guests, the problem is most likely that:
They are not being supervised with a service emphasis
Which method would be least effective for determining guests’ needs and wants?
Waiting for guests to approach staff with specific problems
Services differ from goods in four main ways, which is NOT one of those ways?
Customers make purchases based on their expectations. These experiences can be formed from all of the following except
All of these are ways in which expectations can be formed
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