What does MICT stand for?
Management, Internal, Control, Toolset
What is MICT?
An interactive application designed to help all levels of leadership implement the self-inspection program and checklist management requirements defined in AFI 90-201 and perform their missions successfully.
What does SIP stand for?
Self-inspection Program
Who is the MICT avaliable to?
All levels of leadership.
How man distinct levels of responsibility are there involving MICT?
What are the 4 distinct levels of responsibility in MICT?
HAF/AF Level (Core Items), MAJCOM Level (Supplements Core), Wing Level (Ensure Compliance), Unit Level (Conducts SIP)
What is a “FAM”?
Functional Area Manager
Who determines which checklists aplly to their subordinate units, creates local checklists, assign Self-Inspection Checklist POC’s?
MICT Administrators
Who is responsible for accomplishing self-inspections by running the applicable self-inspection checklists?
Self-Inspection Checklist Assessors

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