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Recently, Microsoft started having legal problems. It was one legal battle after another. It was taking too much time away from what Microsoft does best. Personally, I think it was starting to get to be ridiculous.

The problems first started shortly after Microsoft released the Windows 98 Operating System. To help the look of Windows 98, Microsoft Internet Explorer was integrated with the operating system to become a major component to Windows 98. Because of this, the default Internet browser was Internet Explorer. Some users did not like this. Netscape Communications Corporation (also known as Netscape), made a big fuss about this issue. They claimed that Windows 98 users were being forced to use Internet Explorer, and it took away from the users that want to use Netscape. After months in court, Microsoft and Netscape finally came to a settlement.

The next problem that Microsoft had, is they were being accused by the United States government, of having a monopoly on the PC market. This was because all new personal computers had the Microsoft Windows Operating System on it. This was difficult for users that wanted to be able to tweak the Operating System to their own liking. They were being forced to buy Microsoft-related products even if they didn’t want to. This was true as long as they did not want a Macintosh computer. This issue was sparked by the case between Microsoft and Netscape. The government charged Microsoft of illegally bundling Microsoft Internet Explorer and Windows 98 together. The problem then continued further in court.

In January 2000, Bill Gates decided to step down as the President and CEO of Microsoft, and give those positions to Steve Ballmer, who is a long team member of Bill Gates. Bill Gates, then creates a new position for himself, this new role is Chairman and Chief Software Architect. This decision was made by Bill, so that he can dedicate all of his time to helping drive the next generation Windows Internet platform and services.

Meanwhile, back in court, the battle continues with the government. The government ruled Microsoft of illegally bundling the software and was ordered to break up into two companies. Microsoft has been appealing this since it was ruled. Microsoft is strongly trying not to be broken up, due the consequences that they fear might happen if they are broken up. They are trying to stay one strong company, and their interest is in the consumer and in everything that Microsoft can do to help the computer age.

In conclusion, today, this issue is still going on in court. In my own opinion, I think that the government should leave Microsoft alone, because they are taking this process too far. I want Microsoft to be left as is, one company. It could spell disaster for computer technology if they are broken up into two companies. We just have to wait a little longer to see what the government is going to do about this.

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