Microsoft Is Reportedly Releasing an Xbox TV Next Month — Start Up Your Day Roundup Essay

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Looking for the latest headlines in small business, innovation and tech? Our recaps are posted every morning to keep you current.Perseverance. Apple hired a top security guru in the midst of the Seeing is believing.

While Microsoft may scaling back in the mobile game, it’s reportedly gearing up to release an "" next month.Copycat. are becoming more than just a nuisance for small businesses and startups.Tapping in.

Uber is gaining access to Foursquare’s Places so you Proof in the numbers. Twitter’s stock rating has been as the company continues to struggle.The great divide. shows there’s a big difference in Facebook status updates between genders.

Top of the world. This user proved you can post on Snapchat from just about anywhere, includingIn real time. During , McDonald’s showed off burger-inspired art to channel its inner Bob Ross.

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