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In this globalization period, there is one distinct and all-binding goal for every individual in almost all regions of the world –and that is to advance their way of living. Progress and development seem to be the definitive characteristics of such goal. With the institutionalization of such concept of globalization, many nation-states are now becoming more aggressive and competitive with regards to their local and international affairs. In this manner, globalization has really made the world a borderless and open arena for everyone. One of the most notable features of globalization is the rise of the concept of internet revolution.

It pertains to the phenomenon wherein different individuals can easily have access to other people who are in other parts of the globe. Most likely, such internet revolution made communication as well as research studies easier and more available. Computer-based technologies are becoming more in demand in almost every aspect of man’s life. What is Microsoft Corporation? The years 1975 up to 1985 marked the birth of the Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft Corporation is an American transnational computer-based technology corporation having almost 80, 000 employees located in different parts of the globe.

This corporation is one of the

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biggest and major acquirer of revenues worldwide. Its revenue costs $ 44. 28 billion US dollars. Its main office is located at Redmond, Washington, USA. Its most defined functions are to develop, manufacture, license and support extensive variety of software products. Microsoft Windows operating system and Microsoft Office are the best-selling products of the Microsoft Corporation. It also manufactures and purchases computer hardware products such as Microsoft Mouse. It also offers its web browser named Internet Explorer worldwide.

(Microsoft) US vs. Microsoft Corporation Number of civil cases was filed against the Microsoft Corporation on May 18, 1998. It was filed by the US Department of Justice (DOJ) together with twenty states of the US. The prosecution accused the Microsoft Corporation of extremely monopolizing the marketing of operating system and web browser. The said monopoly of sales with regards to their operating system and web browser goes with the fact that Microsoft has been purchasing their Microsoft Windows operating system packed with their web browser Internet Explorer.

This restricts other web browsers company in marketing their own products. According to the prosecutors, this marketing strategy done by the Microsoft Corporation was very unfair with other web browsers manufacturers. Furthermore, Microsoft was charged of slowing down the competition in the market by making licensing agreements that were most favorable for them – that is by bundling their Windows operating system with their web browser Internet Explorer. (Auletta)

On the other hand, Microsoft defended itself by saying that the said package deal with reference to the Microsoft Windows operating system and Internet Explorer was due to tough competition and motivated by innovation. Microsoft argued that the supposed package deal was not intended for monopolizing and slowing down the competition in the market. The two products were not really separate products. They two composed one product. In addition it said that by having the two systems in one product their clients were even getting more benefits from the Internet Explorer. (Auletta)

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