MGT 300 Test 1 class notes

What does it mean to be a manager? 4: lahe
levels, accountability, help, expectations
organizations have different
levels of managers
accountability is
a cornerstone of managerial performance
effective managers help others
performance and satisfaction
managers must meet
multiple and changing expectations
What are the 4 steps of the management process? polc
planning, organizing, leading, controlling
management process: planning
asking what business are we in and what are my goals
management process: organizing
based on planning, what,who and how will it be done
management process: leading
directing and inspiring high performance from all employees
management process: controlling
at Any point in time, how close are we to goals? its a measurement
management process: planning: trader joes
keep costs down, independent contracts, customer and employee satisfaction, plan how to compete
management process: organizing: trader joes
small bldg size, cheap location, low inventory, hiring process
management process: leading: trader joes
high pay, HR practices, feedback
management process: controlling: trader joes
sales, right employees
Shawkshank redemption: management process: planning
get free, gain trust of prison boss
Shawkshank redemption: management process: organizing
cover the hole, dig the hole, bust sewer pipe
Shawkshank redemption: management process: leading
he lead himself
Shawkshank redemption: management process: controlling
getting out of sewer
Kid who wants to get a CPA: management process: planning
get a CPA and graduate
Shawkshank redemption: management process: organizing
internships, rec letters, cpa test
Shawkshank redemption: management process: lead
lead himself
Shawkshank redemption: management process: control
report cards
What is the acronym for strategic management?
strategic management: D
define mission and goals
strategic management: E
evaluate the situation
strategic management: F
formulate a plan after mission review(example of nurse who hated blood)
strategic management: I
implement plan
strategic management: N
strategic management: E
evaluate performance, alot like control
know the example of the queen who had a scratch on a diamond and it was brought back
with a rose on it
SWOT turns
weaknesses to strengths
zappos company is owned by
zappos is______, they let their employees _______
chilllllllll, sleep on the job
Culture: 3 main parts
behavior, correct, personality
culture is a system of shared meaning that
dictates how organizational members behave
culture suggets the correct
way to do things
culture is the personality
of an organization
how do you figure out about a companies culture?
talk to someone in the company or try to get in the company bldg
Clues to culture (5)(VSPRM)
Values, symbols, practices, rituals, myths
clues to culture: values
what the co stands for
clues to culture: symbols
object that represents something else
clues to culture: practices
we watched a video of a company that pays its employees to go on vacation
clues to culture: rituals
similar to practices, occur less frequently,
clues to culture: rituals example
lion king, hierarchy, know who next CEO is
general electric company video was with
david letterman
general electric company culture
scared to bend rules, no joking, heirarchy
General electric company symbol
old bldg, lack of handshake means get out
the van halen example shows
self leadership, you have an obstacle, how do you get over it?
paper clip was to
see how we something all the time but do we ever stop to look at it?
self leadership strategies(OGR)
self observation, self goal setting, natural rewards
what are goals
result toward which effort is directed, a dream with a dealine
self goal setting, new years resolution. 25% broken by_____, 80% broken by _______
1 week, 8 weeks
self goal setting doesnt work bc we arent
born knowing how to deal with goals
elements for goal attainment
write it down, break into chunks,specific, publicly announe, less is more (>3), set meeting with self
building natural rewards in a task to make it
more enjoyable
class video, the express was to not set
labels on somehting
The expres was mainly to show
the setting of goals as a behavioral act of self leadership
leaders are those who are
able to influence others and possess managerial authority
self leadership is the process of
leading oneself to overcome obstacles that hinder goal achievement
self leadership example: cycler
want to be a cycler but i broke my leg how to i over come that
mental self leadership is the process of influencing onself
through the purposeful process of ones thoughts
key question for mental self leadership is:
what are primary thought patterns
ask a girl on a date but shes busy: opportunity thinking:
ill ask another girl
ask a girl on a date but shes busy: obstacle thinking
ill never have a girlfrined
opportunity thinking is
better, you perform longer and exert more effort
video about kid with one eye: he is an opportunity thinker
if he was an obstacle thinker he would say he cant do sports
self talk is what we
tell ourselvs
class example of self talk was
the little engine that could
96 olympic winner was dan obrian
he said he just changed his self talk
dead poets society was an example of
self talk
two types of mental self leadership
mental imagery and self talk
mental imagery is when you can see
your expected results
mental imagery example in class was
cool runnings, in the tub
cd example was to
show the perception of yourself and of others
managers get credit for 80% of
somrthing they didnt even know was done

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