What is one of the oldest applied sciences?
How many known metals are there?
What are the seven metals of antiquity?
Gold(6000BC), Copper(4200BC),
Silver(4000BC), Lead(3500BC),
Tin(1750BC), Iron(1500BC),
What are the ages of metal?
Copper age(3200-2300BC)
Bronze age(2300-700BC)
Iron age(700BC-1AD)
Modern age(1AD-present)
What is oxidation?
When an atom loses an electron, forming a cation
What is reduction?
When an atom gains an electron, forming a negative anion
What is redox?
reduction and oxidation, just shortend
What is an oxidising agent?
A chemical species which causes another species to undergo oxidation
What is the oxidation state of hydrogen?
+1 except in metal hydrides then it is
What is the oxidation state of oxygen?
+2 except in peroxides where it is -1
What hapens when the electrons are on the right hand side of a half equation?
Oxidation has occured
What hapens when the electrons are on the left hand side of a half equation?
Reduction has occured
Generally, where are the most reactive metals found?
On the left hand side of the periodic table
Where are the least reactive metals found?
The middle of the periodic table
What is located in the first column of the periodic table?
Alkali metals
What is the first ionization energy?
The energy required to remove the first electron from an atom
Who published the first periodic table?
Dimitri Mendeleev, a table of known 63 elements, in order of increasing atomic mass and those with similar properties beneath each other, left gaps where elements were unknown, made predictions of unknown elements from these gaps and surrounding elemenrs, elements that did not fit were classified using their properties.
What are the horizontal rows of a periodic table called?
What are the vertical columns in a periodic table called?
What is Avogadro’s number?
6.023 x 10^23
How do you find the number of moles?
Number of particles divided by Avogadro’s number
How do you convert mass to moles?
n= m divide by M
m= mass of the substance
M= the mass of one mole of the substance
Eg how many moles in 0.35g of Mg
n= 0.35/24.31
=0.0144 moles
Under S.T.P conditions, what volume in litres does one mole of any gas occupy?
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