Metal Ions

Cu +
Cuperous Ion (Copper I)
Cu 2+
Cupric Ion (Copper II)
Hg2 2+
Mercurous Ion (Mercury II)
Hg2 4+
Mercuric Ion (Mercury IV)
Fe 2+
Ferrous Ion (Iron II)
Fe 4+
Ferric Ion (Iron IV)
Cr 2+
Chromus Ion (Chromium II)
Cr 3+
Chromic Ion (Chromium III)
Co 2+
Cobaltus Ion (Cobalt II)
Co 3+
Cobaltic Ion (Cobalt III)
Mn 2+
Manganous Ion (Manganese II)
Mn 3+
Manganic Ion (Manganese III)
Pb 2+
Plumbous Ion (Lead II)
Pb 4+
Plumbic Ion (Lead IV)
Sn 2+
Stannous Ion (Tin II)
Sn 4+
Stannic Ion (Tin IV)
Silver Ion (Silver)
Zn 2+
Zinc Ion (Zinc)
Ni +
Nickel Ion (Nickel)
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