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Stylus the main writing tool used by Mesopotamian scribes.
Battering Ram A powerful weapon with a wooden beam mounted on wheels. It was created by the assyrians.
Ziggurat Pyramids made of terraces linked by ramps and stairs. (stairway to heaven)
Caravan A group of traders travelling together.
Cuneiform groups of wedges and lines used to write several languages of the Fertile Crescent. it is the oldest known writing script.
Empire Many territories and people controlled by one government.
Exile to force someone to live in another country.
Famine When there is little food that people starve.
Monotheism the belief in 1 god
Myth a traditional story or a legend that explains peoples beliefs
Polytheism the belief in many gods
Scribe someone who writes for a living and they used clay for writing.
Prophet a religious teacher who people believe speaks for god or a god.
Fertile Cresent a region in southwest Asia; site of the first civilization.
City-state A city with its own government and king; both a city and a an independent state
Diaspora The scattering of people who have a common background or beliefs
Bazaar A market selling different kinds of goods
Babylon The capitol of Babylonia; a city of great wealth and luxury
Code An organized list of laws and rules
Hammurabi The king of Babylon from about 1792 BC to 1750 BC. Creator of the Babylonian empire. He united the city-states of Sumer into one large empire.
Alphabet a set of symbols that represent the sound of language.
Moses led the Israelite's from Egypt back to Canaan.
Covenant a promise made by God to people.
Zoroastrianism an ancient Persian religion
What was Hammurabi's code? It was a written down code of laws numbered from 1-282 and governed all parts of life. Based on an "eye for an eye." Did not apply equally to all people – it depended on the class of the victim.It was the first written set of laws we have found.
Why was Mesopotamia's location important? Mesopotamia's location was important because it was near water and it had rich soil and was good for trade.
How where the Sumerian city-states the same and different? (c.s=city-states) SAME:They shared the same language, and culture. < they all wanted land and water which led to a lot of wars between the C.S.DIFFERENT: they did not have the same king and government.
Medez and the chaldean's joined together____________? defeated the Assyrian empire.
Phoenician Alphabet Phoenicians developed the first alphabet. The Phoenician alphabet had 22 symbols. Each of the symbols stands for a sound of the language. The alphabet is used in many languages today. The Phoenician alphabet was easier to learn than cuneiform.
Israelite's Abraham led the Israelite's to develop a belief in one god.> The Israelite's left Canaan for Egypt because they were in Famine. The Israelite's believed that 1 God was present everywhere. Moses taught them God would lead them to Canaan. They were Hebrews
Judaism People who follow Judaism are known as Jews. Judaism had an effect on 2 later religions, Christianity and Islam. Judaism is monotheistic. Judaism is a religion.
Phoenicia as a great sea power From about 1100 to 800 bc, Phoenicia was a great sea power. Phoenician ships sailed as far as the Atlantic ocean. Trade brought goods from lands around the Mediterranean sea to the cities of tyre and Sidon. Bazaars were full of food and animals from far
The shape and size of the tablet used for writing depended on what? The purpose
why was Babylon a natural crossroad of trade? Because it was located between Assyria and the cities of Sumer.
what attracted people to the fertile Crescent? the rich soil
what was a major event for the Israelites? Settlement in Canaan
Phoenicia was thriving and Healthy because They sold________? Valuable wool and dyed cloth.
What does Mesopotamia mean? The land between 2 rivers.
where was Mesopotamia? between the Tigris and the Euphrates River.
Why did civilization develop in Mesopotamia? Because it was in between 2 rivers which made it have rich soil and was good for growing crops.
Israelites departed from Egypt= =exodus
The 10 commandments are________________? the core belief of jewish religion/teachings.

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