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According to the respective questions, the student made a study of the MeSH website page, by watching the tutorials repeatedly. Accordingly, the student did a research on scabies on the MeSH webpage and got limited information which was related to the student’s subject of interest. Moreover, National Library for medicines or NLM, does not provide effective and quality advice to the researcher. Sadly, NLM themselves advice individuals to seek help from other medical experts for acquiring tips or answers for medical questions.

In addition, NLM lacks brochures or other advertising materials for mailing. However, MedlinePlus provides exotic information, in accordance with providing advises on health questions. Moreover, MedlinePlus has vast information on drugs and other tutorials on patients. (PubMed Help, 2004) Nevertheless, the information on scabies, that has been provided by MeSH, did not prove beneficial for the student. However, the student opted for tough as well as simple topics, but the MeSH webpage, failed to provide enough information as stated in the second question.

Moreover, the site restricted the user from finding the information as per the student’s convenience (NCBI, n. d. ). There were a few of the answers, that the student readily got from the site, but the results for

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the other searches, were being repeated. (Health Care hiring, n. d. ). Therefore, it can be concluded that, MeSH webpage is not that user friendly, as it gave similar search results to the student.

In addition, this site also restricts users from searching complicated medical information and one has to change or reconfigure the keywords while researching (Encyclopedia, 2006). However, it is practically not advisable to change or reconfigure the keywords while researching, as this would probably generate information for the time being, but as one makes further researches, the information that is generated starts getting narrower and same results are obtained.

Conducting research on MeSH webpage is much of a time consuming job as compared to other medical libraries, and this can affect the reputation of the site. Moreover, after having brought this matter into limelight, even the IT team has found many errors that restricts the user from deriving information and therefore have to make use of other Medical National libraries (Research Medical Library, n. d. ).

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