Mesa County Essay

My high school calling began and ended in what felt like a affair of proceedingss. All through high school. I merely imagined how I would be experiencing when I stepped out of Palisade High School for the really last clip. Throughout these four old ages. I had felt a batch of anxiousness about graduating from high school. I did non believe that graduation would come fast adequate. but now that graduation has eventually come and gone. I can non believe that it came so fast. I remember my first yearss of high school like it was yesterday.

I was so ready to see all the new and exciting things that awaited me when I walked into the halls of Fruita Monument High School. The football and hoops games. to the senior male childs. and of class all the parties. I merely wanted to cognize what everything was traveling to be like for a naif fresher like me. When I transferred schools as a sophomore. I was so panicky because I had already made my friends. I transferred to Grand Junction High School. and it was an interior metropolis school. Peoples did non care how they acted.

There were drugs. combat. and I was non able to manage that because it was nil like Fruita. I ended up merely being at that place three yearss. and I transferred right back to Fruita Monument High School. As my junior twelvemonth rapidly approached. I realized that Fruita was no longer the school for me because I was being accused of things merely because I had gone to Grand Junction. I ended up reassigning to Palisade High School because my cousins both went at that place. and my parents and I knew that the accommodation was traveling to be so much easier.

I rapidly made friends and grew to love maroon and white. My senior twelvemonth came and went in a wink of an oculus. As I walked out of Palisade High School. I knew that one chapter in my life was shuting and another was get downing. Now that I have done all of those things. and so much more. I was approximately to go forth high school everlastingly. I was besides approximately to travel onto a new escapade that will take me to college where I knew that many more new experiences were expecting me.

Some say that. “High school was supposed to be the best clip of my life. ” Others say that “High school was traveling to be the worst clip in my life. ” To be honest. I had the best clip of my life in high school. I had plentifulness of good times. but besides had merely every bit many bad times. in high school. All I can state is that I learned lessons the difficult manner while I was at that place. I know now non merely what I was taught in books. and a schoolroom. but besides learned about life and the route in front of me.

From being an immature fresher to a mature senior. things have truly changed for me. When high school started I was a naif. ready to suppress the universe fresher miss. so many dangers that I knew awaited me and that I had to meet in the existent universe. Honestly. I do non cognize what the universe out at that place holds for me or where I will be in 20 old ages. but I do cognize that high school is one of the many best times I am of all time traveling to hold in my life. All I can make now is enter the college universe with a restrained optimism and hope for the best.

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