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Domain Name
The unique name that identifies an internet site
Domain Name System (DNS)
A directory of domain names organized under the familiar domains
“.com,” “.gov,” “.org”
Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers
A private-public partnership that is responsible for managing and
coordination the Domain name System to ensure that every address is
exclusive and that all users of the Internet can find all legitimate
IP Address
Internet Protocol Address
Exclusive address that every computer linked to the Internet has
Internet Service Provider
A company that provides access to the Internet for organizations
and/or individuals
Global address of documents and other resources on the World Wide Web
Web Host
A service that, for a fee, allows your company’s web page to be
connected to the internet
describes how your company generates income or revenue
The type of revenue model you choose will depend on the type of product or service you intend to sell
Product Sales
-The most basic revenue model
-involves selling one product or related product line to customers who use your Web site as they would a print catalog
Ad Sales
-Like magazines, TV Stations, and other media outlets, Web sites can sell advertising space as a source of revenue.
-Only 3% of all advertising budgets is spent on Internet advertising
-Most Internet advertising money is spent on Web sites that reach a vast audience.
-Companies also pay for prominent placement on search engine’s search results
-Most magazines, newspapers, and informational services can earn income by selling advertising and subscriptions
-Web sites also generate revenue by selling subscriptions, they are sometimes called e-zines.
Affiliate Programs
-An affiliate program is a partnership in which you deliver your Web site’s customers to other online businesses, or affiliates, to buy their goods and services.
-In exchange for bringing business to your affiliates, you receive a commission, or a percentage of the sales they make on that business.
Name sources of revenue in e-commerce
Ad sales
Affiliate Program
Product Sales
What are the two types of products you can sell through product sales?
-Products that you make
(Sell at a higher price than they cost you to make)
-Products that you buy
(Sell at a higher price than you paid for them)
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