Mental Toughness: What is the Real Difference Between Winning and Losing? Essay

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Mental Stamina: What is the Real Difference Between Winning and Losing?

When it comes to being successful, you can ne’er happen a replacement for difficult work. In the corporate universe, you need to larn the ropes of the concern and pass infinite hours on reading books and go toing seminars on self-reformation. In athleticss, you have to develop systematically in order to make your full potency.

But what if during an of import concern meeting, you all of a sudden had a mental block and anxiousness followed? As a consequence, you forgot to advert an of import point and because of it, the concern trade fell apart. Same thing can go on in a Jiu-jitsu pattern session where a sudden oversight in judgement could take to a reversal, and in a affair of seconds, you were the one tapping out. How come we can be so prepared in making something and so lose merely like that?

UFC 117: Anderson Silva Vs. Chael Sonnen

Sonnen dominated the first four unit of ammunitions of this title lucifer by utilizing his wrestle accomplishment. In unit of ammunition 5, Sonnen went for another takedown. Almost two proceedingss is left, and the audience is in awe. A new title-holder will be crowned, the long-time reigning title-holder will be defeated, the one considered as the GOAT ( Greatest of All Time ) will lose— the unthinkable will go on! Sonnen is on the guard once more and continued with the land and lb to add more harm to his opposition. Silva threw a few clouts from the underside and Sonnen lifted his left arm to barricade. In the procedure, Silva rapidly positioned his leg behind Sonnen’s cervix and a leg trigon was in topographic point. Silva secured the clasp and one of the greatest rejoinder battles in athleticss happened….Sonnen tapped out! He was merely 1 minute and 50 seconds from being a title-holder.

A batch of professional battles end up this manner ; one oversight in judgement can do or interrupt a calling. Some combatants learned from it but some of them ne’er recovered. Concentration makes you use everything that you have learned in preparation. Success starts in the head but unluckily, non everyone can prolong that concentration during a battle. When two battlers face off, you can take advantage of your accomplishments and dressed ore on put to deathing it. However, if both combatants have a similar accomplishment set and conditioning, the lone decision making factor here is how mentally tough they are. Who will interrupt first? Who will do the first error? That’s when you need to be mentally tough more than physically tough.

Relaxation and Concentration

Mental stamina encompasses non merely contending athletics but all competitory athleticss and other countries in our mundane life, including our occupation. Several rivals can be so good in pattern but underachieves in the existent competition when the force per unit area of the game starts to mount up. Lebron James was called “Lechoke” before, and it merely stopped when he won an NBA title non merely one time but twice. Now, people in the media and fans think that he can excel Michael Jordan and be the GOAT in hoops.

Concentration is the ability to hold that laser-like focal point on what’s of import and to allow travel of all distractions. However, in order to concentrate, you should be relaxed. Relaxation is defined as the province of being unagitated despite force per unit area. Take note that relaxation and concentration are interacting mental skills—they work manus in manus. You can non be mentally tough if you don’t hold both.

Float like a butterfly ( be relaxed ) and biting like a bee ( dressed ore and hit the mark ) . That’s how Muhammad Ali became the GOAT in packaging! Keep in head that being relaxed agencies that you are excited in a good manner. If you are wholly relaxed, you will fall level during the competition. You need to be pumped up and ready for action. Like physical conditioning and acquisition accomplishments, being relaxed besides takes practice—the more clip you invest in it, the more it will develop.

During pugilism, if you are relaxed, you can see the entrance clouts and you will be able to dodge them easier. If you are nervous and under force per unit area, you are more likely to shut your eyes as the opponent’s gloves hit towards your face. If you are excessively dying, your organic structure will fasten up and you won’t be able to put to death all of the accomplishments that you have learned during pattern. That is the ground why combatants have their entryway music as they walk their manner towards the ring or the octagon—it makes them experience relaxed.

Another manner to loosen up is to encompass and accept jitteriness. It’s really normal and one time you accept the world, so you will be unagitated. Pre-competition rites such as muttering repeated words and making rhythmic motions that could take the fighter’s focal point off from distractions are besides of great aid.

When it comes to defence, take a breathing dramas a really of import function. You can be the best striker but without O, you will be like a race auto without a fuel. Therefore, deep, slow external respiration is needed earlier and during the competition. Throwing combination clouts and boots or traveling for a reversal during a jiu-jitsu lucifer requires a batch of air in your O armored combat vehicle. If you don’t breathe decently, you won’t be able to retrieve and shortly, your legs will experience heavy, your weaponries will get down falling, and it’s your bend to acquire punched in the face.

Laser-Like Concentration

A optical maser pen doesn’t dance all over the topographic point when you focus it on an object ; it will remain at that place every bit long as you allow it to. Concentration is all about concentrating on the present state of affairs. Remembering failures in the yesteryear or worrying about the hereafter will non assist. Make what you need to make at that really minute. Before you drink H2O, you don’t seek to find where it came from or believe whether you will sudate it out or urinate afterwards. Be honest. You merely imbibe it, right? Likewise, when you are viing, you can merely command the present. So, concentrate on what needs to be done right now and concentrate on it like a optical maser!

Don’t Drift Away

Losing your focal point can go on during a lucifer but it’s up to you if you want to float off or return to concentrate. A bad call from the referee, rubbish talk, hoot from the crowd, bullying by your opposition and a batch of other material like these can interrupt your concentration. However, retrieve to vie the manner you have been trained. A secured entry can steal by if one of the basic jiu-jitsu techniques is non well-executed. A certain win can turn to a loss, so the focal point should be within YOU – you may float off but return every bit rapidly as you can.


All your difficult work will go ineffectual if you are non mentally tough. Remember that a crisp head can cut deeper! So, the hurting, the battle, the exhaustion, the idea of giving up— all of these will take your game or calling to the following degree!

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