Men As Single Fathers Sociology Essay Example
Men As Single Fathers Sociology Essay Example

Men As Single Fathers Sociology Essay Example

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  • Published: July 29, 2017
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Most persons hold a cosmopolitan building of what it means to be male within society. Stereotypically to be a `` existent adult male '' one must be economically powerful, embody strong qualities, and ownerships that society deems important. This mentality is referred to by bookmans as hegemonic musicalness which merely refers the position that to be a coveted or honour male 1 must be a adult male of power, in power and with power ( AS DISCUSSED WTHIN CLASS? ) . These perceptual experiences simply intensify when covering with the subject of individual work forces within society projecting them under an even more negative visible radiation. So what happens when work forces are faced with raising a kid entirely? It would be assumed from a social point of view the attention of immature kids would merely collide with these


cultural ideals of maleness hence conceptually individual male parents would so be the worst away. Although there is turning sums of research conducted on work forces as male parents there is still a batch of gray country. However, this research is critical as there are a turning figure of kids being raised in split parent places ( Cabrera et al 2000 ) . This paper will analyze both research and Disney 's 2007 movie `` The Game Plan '' in order to supply treatment on both the functions and individuality of individual paternity.


The significance and experience of paternity are linked to these culturally defined gender individualities placed upon males ( Cabrera et al 2000 ) . The values male childs are taught early on carry through into ulterior life hence childhood experiences

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frequently consequence how males define themselves as male parents ( Cabrera et al 2000 ) . Society 's common mentality on male parents as ignorant in their parenting is due in portion to the laterality of female parents as primary health professionals ( Daly et al 2009 ) . Even within community services and policies male parents are frequently overlooked as non much research has been successful in foregrounding the importance of integrating male parents into these plans ( Daly et al 2009 ) . It is agreed by many bookmans that if society was to change such societal policies so a more positive position of individual male parent parenting may being to emerge ( Cabrera et al 2000 ) . Media mercantile establishments besides place male parents as the less competent parent frequently portraying them as the less knowing and frequently in demand of instructions from adult females in order to finish certain undertakings ( Arnold and Wall 2007 ) .Research based on male parents within the media suggests that even when males are shown carry throughing child care responsibilities it is in a manner that requires really small clip or work frequently demoing males feeding kids fast nutrient, etc ( Arnold and Wall 2007 ) . Work force are besides often shown within the media as being the primary breadwinner disregarding household responsibilities to postulate with their calling ( Kelly 2009 ) . This perpetuates the ideal that a male must be successful and powerful even if it means non being an involved parent every bit good as the thought that working category male parents are even more clueless ( Kelly 2009 )

. However, higher rates of individual paternity are get downing to redefine these common thoughts ( Kelly 2009 ) . Changes in both household life and gender dealingss are giving rise to the scrutiny of male parents as primary health professionals ( Cabrera et al 2000 ) . With these alterations besides warranted a displacement in media representations puting more accent on quality clip and the active engagement of male parents which is new for pas on screen ( Kelly 2009 ) . Fatherhood both on and off screen appears to going less one dimensional and more complex. The construct of parentage is complicated in itself due to the fact that there is no set end point or rulebook to follow. It so becomes even more complicated outside of the two parent family particularly for males as they are besides burdened with more examination from society ( Cabrera et al 2000 ) . The passages and experiences of paternity alteration as the kid develops ( Cabrera et al 2000 ) . Many work forces, particularly those who are individual, have a difficult clip finding what precisely defines paternity ( Pasley et al 2009 ) . Becoming a male parent involves redefining one 's ego to include a new position within society ( Daly et all 2009 ) . Although there are many functions that males take on there are certain characteristics that are normally associated with being a male parent. Pasley ( 2009 ) conducted a survey of 34 male parents in order to derive insight as to what males believed the most of import facets of being a male parent were. While these are

non the lone roles male parents take on in comparing with other research these are the most normally identified. Men felt the function of supplier was extremely of import many saying that they took their occupation more earnestly in order to do a better life for their kids ( Pasley et al 2009 ) . Some research besides suggests that a male parents ' relationship with their kid and employment is frequently something that many work forces struggle with as it is difficult to equilibrate both a kid and a calling ( Arnold and Wall 2007 ) . Scholars frequently talk about the clip bind and challenges of doing meaningful clip for household in a civilization of pandemonium ( Brotherson et al 2005 ) . Men besides identified taking on the function of a instructor in assisting with prep, promoting kids to read, supplying direction on how to execute certain undertakings, etc ( Pasley et al 2009 ) . In connexion with this male parents besides function a support system in offering encouragement, constructing self esteem, every bit good as sharing in activities together ( Pasley et al 2009 ) . Activities that Foster larning played immense importance in males perceptual experience of being a good male parent if the kid learns so their male parent feels accomplished ( Brotherson et al 2005 ) . Engagement in activities that allow kids to turn and maturate and in which male parents were able to see their kid battle and so win was one manner male parents chose to pass on their involvement and encouragement ( Daly et all 2009 ) . This experience creates a connexion

that builds a sense of conveying male parent and child closer together ( Brotherson et al 2005 ) . Brotherson et Al ( 2005 ) besides illustrates what is referred to as `` linking minutes '' which are described as times in which male parents are able to barricade out the pandemonium of an frequently hurried life styles and enjoy minutes were the exclusive focal point is on the relationship with their kid. This can include anything from watching Television together or merely merely snuggling ( Brotherson et al 2005 ) . Additionally the functions of defender and disciplinarian emerged in which work forces felt they needed to hold both consciousness and concern for their kid both physically and emotionally every bit good as set bounds and enforce regulations ( Pasley et al 2009 ) . Overall, it seems as if the general consensus on what makes a capable fathering is making enduring relational bonds with kid every bit good as reacting to kids 's demands.

While much of what is studied approximately work forces as individual male parents focal points on the influence that male parents have on their kids it is besides of import to observe the antonym. There are many ways in which kids shape both males behaviour every bit male parents every bit good as their sensed individuality as male parents ( Daly et al 2009 ) . One survey conducted by Daly et Al ( 2009 ) gave male parents the chance to portion how they felt their kids affected their function as a male parent. Most males, particularly those who had merely been separated from their married womans, spoke entirely

about how their kids supplied them with indicants on how to move as a male parent ( Daly et al 2009 ) . This reinforces Cabrera et Al ( 2000 ) place that work forces tend to fight if a adult females is non present. Many work forces besides expressed that going a male parent forced them to take on a new degree of adulthood and recognize what was of import to them in the hereafter, which frequently shifted from calling to household ( Daly et al 2009 ) . In add-on to this as Brotherson et Al ( 2005 ) mentioned many male parents feel an increased emotional connexion to their kids and will frequently get down switching the focal point of run intoing their ain demands onto run intoing those of their kids. Furthermore, individual male parents besides felt the demand to maximise the usage of clip making more efficient ways of suiting everything into a twenty-four hours ( Daly et al 2009 ) . Some research has to boot suggested that when males are left to be exclusive detention parents they frequently rely to a great extent on advice and aid from other adult females in their life ( Arnold and Wall 2007 ) . It is besides of import to observe that throughout these surveies non all male parents agreed that holding a kid brought merely positiveness to their lives. Some male parents expressed that felt they had lost their independency and unworried life style every bit good as felt they did non mensurate up to society 's definition of a responsible male parent ( Daly et al 2009 ) .



Disney 's 2007 film `` The Game Plan '' tells the narrative of Joe Kingman a typical party cat ego centred in his calling as a football participant. From the beginning of the film onwards the images of maleness are huge. Flashs of football, musculuss and Elvis are shown throughout the opening scene reenforcing common stereotypes of the male character. Joe is content life in his luxuriant flat frequently acknowledging that a household would merely decelerate him down doing mention to another male participant 's life. However, his universe is turned upside down when an eight twelvemonth old Peyton Kelly shows up at his door claiming to be his girl. Joe admits to cognizing the kid 's female parent but denies the fact that he had a kid. Upon farther probe it is proven that Peyton is his kid and he does non desire to look to be that cat who had a child and took off. It becomes clear that he has no thought how to be a male parent as he is aggressive, self centred and puts a batch of focal point on his calling and material ownerships. Despite his teammates advice to be happy in holding a kid Joe feels this advice is based upon the fact that he knew his kids were coming. Many times throughout the first half of the film Joe demonstrates the troubles individual male parents face in raising kids. From simple things such as non cognizing how to repair her danseuse roll to more complicated emotional issues Joe and Peyton embark on what seems to be a rough route. Joe

even gets labelled a bad male parent by a local newspaper after burying Peyton at a eating house. At first Joe efforts to delight Peyton with material ownerships botching her with a new room and iPod. However, after an statement Peyton points out his ego centred nature coercing him to re-evaluate his life and new function as a male parent. He explains to her that although she has had eight old ages to pattern being a child he is still larning how to be a pa. Over clip Joe begins to demo his more emotional side taking portion in Peyton 's involvements and life though he does indicate out he is uncomfortable with `` girly '' material. His universe so comes to a arrest when Peyton lands in the infirmary after enduring a terrible allergic reaction to nuts. Joe feels awful particularly after recognizing that Peyton had told him about this allergic reaction he had merely failed to hear her due to being wrapped up in his calling. After this incident Joe takes on a whole new character as a male parent promoting Peyton in concert dance every bit good as seeking to link with her on assorted degrees. Unfortunately Peyton is taken off because her aunt does non swear Joe 's parenting ability and it is at that minute the audience can see the connexion they had made. In the terminal it is Peyton who returns to his title game to promote him to non give up despite his hurt. Upon winning the game nevertheless Joe is happier to hold his girl back in his life so result of the game. The film so

ends with Joe and Peyton dance in his flat basking their new life together. This film shows non merely the battles of being a individual male parent but one adult male 's challenge in taking on this huge new function as a male parent.


As mentioned above Disney 's `` The Game Plan '' extremely exaggerates the social outlooks of what it is to be male. Throughout the film when males are shown it preponderantly within a negative visible radiation. Most scenes affecting male characters are those revolved around partying or football in both instances stand foring males as dense athletes. Even Disney 's pick for the lead male character screams maleness stereotypes as he appears strong, muscular, and handsome. These gendered stereotypes are so furthered by the show of material objects and success this character has in his calling. At first glimpse he does non look to posses any of the qualities physically that most persons associate with being a male parent but does posses all the traits discussed supra related to individual work forces. For the first portion of the film this proves to be true as the chief character Joe Kingman displays his seemingly clueless return on paternity from utilizing temper to his awkward attack to all things `` girly '' .

However, in relation to Brotherson et Al ( 2005 ) treatment this film externally presents most of functions male parents identified to hold taken on. The function of supplier is identified as being one of the most of import as it is clear that many work forces feel social force per unit area to supply their households with the

best. It can be said that so much importance is placed on this function because it is a functions that most of society can openly see. Based on the calling and ownerships an single male may present they are judged as being either a good supplier to a bad one. In respects to the film this function is by and large portrayed in a negative visible radiation. In most instances where the male parent character is carry throughing this function of supplier it is merely to purchase his girls love with material ownerships. Although society 's common position of the male function of supplier seldom includes anything other than material ownerships it is of import to advert that all the other functions discussed can be integrated into this supplier function if society would acknowledge the other facets of fathering. Within the functions of both instructor and protagonist the common apprehension between male parents is that it this encouragement and engagement with their kid that defines this function. Within the film there is a scene that discusses the power of a male parent as being able to pick up and dust off their kid promoting them to ne'er give up. This is highlighted many times in which Peyton ( girl ) wanted to give up concert dance but Joe ( male parent ) influenced her to maintain forcing until she fulfilled her dreams. In add-on to this it was besides discussed that a male parent 's engagement in these activities is besides of import. Within the film this is highlighted as being true as when Joe participates in concert dance with Peyton, despite unfavorable judgment from

his teammates, he non merely is able to bond with her but besides begins to recognize concert dance is non every bit easy as it appears giving him a new apprehension of the challenges she faced. One of the most highlighted countries of research in work forces as male parent 's places them as functioning a more playful function prosecuting in leisure activities but non emotion work. However, both research and `` The Game Plan '' ( 2007 ) challenge these impressions. Within the research male parents placed a batch of accent non merely on the clip they spent with their kids but besides the emotional fond regard that came along with it. Although male parents enjoyed watching Television or playing with their kids it was the minute that nil else mattered but their kid that male parents truly found fulfilling. This is displayed one time explicitly in the film where Joe and Peyton are able to return place after a busy twenty-four hours and merely cuddle and watch Television. It is clear by the look and scene itself that this is an gratifying experience. Finally the functions of both defender and martinet were besides discussed. Above all other functions these two seem to suit best with that it means to be masculine. Although this is non ever true society frequently expects males to be more aggressive in their parenting manners every bit good as stronger and hence better defenders. There are a few scenes within the film in which Peyton has made a muss or done something incorrect and Joe reprimands her by shouting and taking a more aggressive point of view. This exemplifies

this thought that male parents tend to be more physical in their parenting manner as appose to emotional. By and big it is apparent, through both the research and illustrations in the film, that a father`s function is indispensable and most would make anything to do their kids smiling.

For many males the new individuality that is brought on by paternity is one that can be both positive and negative. Many battle with uncertainness about what is right and incorrect every bit good as what it means to be a `` good male parent '' . In world this inquiry will ne'er be answered as the definition of paternity is invariably altering and each person has their ain sentiments on the issue. Regardless of the definition of paternity what is of import to observe is the importance males place upon it. As discussed throughout research when male parents do do errors they are automatically labelled as incapable or bad parents. This is displayed within the film when Joe forgets Peyton in a eating house which subsequently additions media attending taging him a bad male parent. Although this is evidently an overdone instance it portrays the scrutiny work forces face as all their actions as male parents are judged in one manner or another. Males from a assortment of surveies besides conveyed that upon going a male parent they experienced increased emotional look. Upon first being introduced to Joe Kingman at the beginning of the film he does non look to hold an emotional side. This is the instance for many work forces as they are discouraged from demoing their emotions from early childhood. However, upon run

intoing Peyton Joe begins to easy soften up and Begins to seek and show his feelings the best manner he can, which in the film happens to be through a vocal he wrote for her. In add-on to this he bit by bit becomes more comfy speaking with Peyton as demoing her more fondness. Beyond merely demoing a more emotional side male parents frequently have to redefine what is of import to them. In some instances this means that there is a displacement from their ain demands to the demands of their kid. Within the film this is displayed when he chooses to take his function as a male parent over his calling ( ADD ) . As mentioned above paternity is non experienced within a vacuity it is common that kids act upon how male parents identify themselves. Most male parents admit that they learned to rear twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours in reacting to what their kid needed at that clip ( Daly et al 2009 ) . By understanding their ain victory or errors male parents learn to take on certain actions. This is blatantly clear within the conversation that Joe has with Peyton discoursing that she has been a kid for eight old ages so has a batch of pattern while he was still larning how to be a male parent.

Unfortunately non every male parent experiences the joys of rearing which is besides reflected in a scope of research. Some feel as if when they make errors they are neglecting and frequently encounter feelings of guilt. This is so perpetuated when their kids point out their errors. At one point in

the film Joe and Peyton acquire into an statement that ends in her weeping and expressing that she wished she had her ma over him. This frequently happens within `` existent life '' state of affairss doing male parents to go demoralized. One point that is merely implied in the film but was mentioned in research was that male parents frequently feel the loss of their personal life. While it is unjust to state that all males feel as if they can no longer hold a societal life after holding a child clip restraints, particularly for individual male parents, play a big function. Additionally males frequently experience withdrawal from friends that do non hold kids and hence can non associate to anything they are traveling through. Within the film Joe Kingman starts out as what society would hold a `` typical male `` . Constantly out at parties, dating, and entirely focused on himself. Although most males do non hold kids demo up at their door steps the alteration is still relevant. He was forced to give up this life style and face unfavorable judgment from his teammates about taking on this paternity function he did non look to suit. In the terminal everything worked out for Joe but outside of the Disney fairy tale this might non ever be the instance. Furthermore, research besides suggests that when males are thrown into exclusive detention parenting, either by divorce or widowhood, many male parents become overwhelmed and happen themselves turning to other adult females in their lives for advice and aid. Although it is non blazing within the film Joe does look to turn to Peyton`s

concert dance instructor for counsel on how to handle a small miss.


Seems as if the research is get downing to turn out most popular stereotypes incorrect

The film shows both sides of the playing field

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