Memento the Movie

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In the film Memento, written by director Christopher Nolan, the main character Leonard Shelby, is a confused and damaged man that wants the revenge for the murder of his wife. We can say that Lenny lives in his own world uniquely different from everyone else. The reason for this is his inability to store short term memory and convert into long term memory. This disability renders Lenny’s life into a repeatable lifestyle and has to start from scratch about every 15 minutes. The only source he has is to go back to is his notes and tattoos he discovers every morning on his body.

It seems as though he only has his past memories but the only memories we learn about in the movie is about Sammy Jenkins and the murder of his wife. I think that he lives in his own unique world because he is after the same objective everyday and plays a detective role to find John G. Direct evidence to explain this is when Lenny and Teddy are talking about finding John G. This quote that describes my claim is, “Teddy: You really wanna get this guy don’t you? Leonard: Killed my wife. He took my fucking memory.

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I believe that Lenny doesn’t know much about his world.

The only way Lenny can know anything about his world is by his notes that he writes on his polaroids. Other than that, he knows everything that is happening within the last 15 minutes and then all of that memory is recycled to start over once again. In the movie people take advantage of his illness such as Teddy and Natalie. Even Burt Hadley, the motel employee, took advantage of him by renting him two rooms because business was slow. This quote is an example of Lenny and Burt’s conversation. “Burt Hadley: … This was your room, but now you’re in 304. Leonard Shelby: When was I in here?

Burt Hadley: Last week. But then I rented you another room on top of it. ” With this evidence I think that his life is being influenced and taking advantage of because he can’t live his life by his own thoughts. Most of the things that he knows about his present life are made up by Natalie and Teddy. In most of the movie Teddy is always either with Teddy or Natalie. Since they fill up his mind with many lies, his whole world is a big lie. The things that Lenny knows about his world is the kind of certainties that people take for granted, like objects that your memory recognized right away.

In this quote, Lenny decribes how his memory plays a big role on how he knows some objects and how we take that for granted. “Leonard Shelby: I know what that’s going to sound like when I knock on it. I know that’s what going to feel like when I pick it up. See? Certainties. It’s the kind of memory that you take for granted. ” He also does know everything thing that happened with his wife. He flashes back in a few segments and replays everything that happened when his wife dies. Lenny remembers past memories about his world like it happened yesterday.

He remembers Sammy Jenkis with his condition and can’t seem to forget him. I found a good quote that Lenny says. It describes his own world and how he feels about it. Leonard Shelby: “I have to believe in a world outside my own mind. I have to believe that my actions still have meaning, even if I can’t remember them. I have to believe that when my eyes are closed, the world’s still there. Do I believe the world’s still there? Is it still out there? … Yeah. We all need mirrors to remind ourselves who we are. I’m no different. ”

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