Meiosis Phases

Prophase 1
Homologous chromosomes synapse to form bivalents; crossing over occurs; chromosomes condense; nuclear membrane begins to fragment

Prometaphase I
Nuclear membrane completely fragments; bivalents become attached to kinetochore microtubules

Metaphase I
Bivalents line up along metaphase plate

Anaphase I
Homologous chromosomes separate and move toward opposite poles

Telophase I & Cytokinesis
Nuclear membrane reforms; chromosomes decondense; the 2 cells are separated by a cleavage furrow

Prophase II
Sister chromatids condense; spindle starts to form; nuclear membrane begins to fragment

Prometaphase II
Nuclear membrane completely fragments; sister chromatids attach to spindle via kinetochore microtubules

Metaphase II
Sister chromatids line up along metaphase plate

Anaphase II
Sister chromatids separate and individual chromosomes move toward poles as kinetochore microtubules shorten; polar microtubules lengthen and push poles apart

Telophase II and cytokinesis
Chromosomes decondense; nuclear membrane reforms; cleavage furrow separates the 2 cells into 4 cells
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