Medical Office Management law & ethics

right and wrong conduct is know as
the most common type of medical tort liability is
a person being sued is called the
the withdrawal of a physician from the care of a patient without reasonable notice of such discharge from the case by the patient is
an unlawful threat or attempt to do bodily injury to another is
the health worker is protected by law if it can be determined that he or she acted reasonable as compared with fellow workers. this is called
reasonable care
negligence by a professional person is called
an act that violates criminal law is called
the breaking of a law, promis, or duty is called
the ability to see things from another person’s point of view is
the time established for filing law suits is
statute of limitations
a writ that commands a witness to appear at a trial or other proceeding and to give testimony is a
a wrong committed against another person or the person’s property is a
holding or detaining a person against his will is
false imprisonment
a violation of a person’s right not to have his or her name, photograph, or private affairs exposed of made public without giving consent is
invasion of privacy
a major crime for which greater punishment is imposed other than a misdemeanor is
one who institutes a lawsuit is
a legal statement of how an individual’s property is to be distributed after death is
information given by a patient to medical personnel which cannot be disclosed without consent of the person who gave it is
privileged communication
a rule of conduct made by a government body is
failure to do something that a reasonable person would do under ordinary circumstances that ends up causing harm to another person or a person’s property is
permission granted by a person voluntarily and in his right mind is
injuring the name and reputation of another person by making false statements to a third person is
an agreement between two or more parties for the doing or not doing of some definite thing is
lack of physical or mental fitness is known as
the final decision of a court in an action or suit is
responsibility of an employer for the acts of an employee is
respondent superior
a Latin term signifying that a person is not of sound mind is
non compos mentis
a person who is no longer under the care, custody, or supervision of a parent is called an
emancipated minor
an impartial panel established to listen to an investigate patient’s complaints about medical care or excessive fees is called a ____ committee
medical grievance
Latin for “things done; deeds”; the facts and circumstances attendant to the act in question would be called
res gestae
testimony of a witness under oath and written down before trial for possible use when the case comes to trial is
a statute that enforces private right and liabilities, as differentiated from criminal law is called a
civil law
violation or omission of a legal or moral duty is called
breach of duty
a deliberate physical attack upon a person is called
Latin for “he who acts through another acts for himself” is called
qui facit per alium facit per se
the branch of study of moral issues, questions, and problems arising in the practice of medicine and in bio medical research is called
a statement given concerning some scientific, technical, or professional matter by an expert, such as a physician is called
expert testimony
a patients’s failure to act prudently and reasonably, or doing that which a reasonable person would not do under similar circumstances is called
contributory negligence
consent to treatment based on a full understanding of all possible risks of unpreventable results of that treatment is called
assumption of risk
conduct, courtesy, and manners that are customarily used in a medical office by medical professionals are known as
medical etiquette
an intentional perversion of truth for the purpose of inducing another is reliance upon it to part with some valuable thing belonging to him or to surrender a legal right is called
to interrupt or discontinue a suit temporarily with the intention or resumption at a later date, or to ask for a continuance is called a
Latin for “things decided”–that is, a matter already decided by judicial authority is called
res judicata
that which in natural and continuous sequence, unbroken by any new independent cause, produces an event, and without which the injury would not have occurred is called
proximate cause
the presumption or inference of negligence when an accident is otherwise unable to be explained in terms of ordinary and known experience is called
res ipsa loquitur
failure to achieve an agreed upon result, even when the highest degree of skill has been used, is called
breach of contract
what license must a physician have to dispense, prescribe or administer controlled substances
unauthorized disclosure of information regarding any patient to a third party may result in
invasion of privacy
medical research is often published in medical journals that are evaluated by members of the medical community through a process known as
peer review
under the Peer Review Improvement Act of 1982, Peer Review Organizations are responsible for the review for appropriateness and necessity of putting a patient into the hospital by a process known as _____ review
a fraudulent signature is called
_____ are defined as what are right and wrong
which one of the following might involve a decision based upon bioethics
the use of fetal tissue transplantation for research
a physician must have the patient’s permission in writing to reveal any confidential information except for which one of the following
gunshot wound
it is ____ to deny treatment to an HIV infected patients
___ is a federal regulation that requires health care professionals to protect the privacy and confidentiality of patients’ health information
in health care field the acronym HIPAA stands for
Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
the statement “A physician shall respect the law: is part of the ______
AMA Code of Ethics
which of these generally results from an act of carelessness, without an intent to harm
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