Medical office Management chapter 7

Which of the following is not indicative of abuse?
The service is necessary
The Fraud and Abuse Control Program was established by the government under:
HR3103 Subtitle A
Which of the following is not a fraud alert?
Credit balances
The OIG work plan is compiled and distributed:
Unbundling can be prevented by using:
An E&M code that the OIG does not focus on is:
The practice of omitting certain codes on a superbill is called:
Code steering
Under the Beneficiary Incentive Program, beneficiaries receive at least which of the following dollar amounts for reporting fraud?
The Incentive Reward Program has a cap of:
$1000 or 10% of recovered funds
Which of the following provides exclusions of health care providers?
Fraud and Abuse Amendments of 1972
Which of the following is not in the top 14 reported hot line issues?
Administrative injustice
When hiring new employees, it is a good idea to perform a:
Background check

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