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Medical moralss became one of the most of import instruction faculties in most of the medical schools particularly in the last three decennaries peculiarly in US7. Ethical motives defined as the survey of morality, careful and systematic contemplation on and analysis of moral determination and behavior4. Hence the medical moralss is the survey of moralss related to medical pattern. There are four primary principals for medical moralss where all basic medical instruction Teachs to medical pupils. These are non-malfeasance, beneficence, justness and liberty with sub sectional principals like truth relation and confidentiality.12 Now a twenty-four hours ‘s physicians are confronting more ethical inquiries and quandaries in twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours clinical pattern, this can be partially attributed to the addition in the cognition of patients about their wellness from the media and cyberspace. Surveies showed that there is a strong relation between deciding ethical issues and medical mistakes particularly in the country of informed consent and terminal of life care8. In add-on, the tribunal compensation for medico legal instances opened the door for public to happen mistakes for physicians or the wellness systems to gain some wealth from it! All these made the instruction of how to manage an ethical issue and decide it really indispensable to bring forth a competent adept doctor.

Medical schools adopted different manners and methods for learning medical moralss, it included didactic lecture, little group seminars, instance based treatment and fake patient but without uniformity or consensus as to method or content7. This could be as a consequence of deficiency of understanding about what shall we learn in medical ethics7.

At sultan Qaboose University, medical pupils have a one interdisciplinary activity ( IDA ) hebdomad for medical moralss during their mid of 5th twelvemonth. During this hebdomad talkers from different medical and surgical fortes present to the pupils a common ethical issues encounter. This hebdomad is besides attended by Islamic bookman ( Professor Albar ) to notice on Islamic position in selective instances like abortion and terminal of life attention. As co-organizer of the class I introduced the presentation of clinical instances by the pupil to the full group. I asked each subgroup of the pupils to choose a instance where there is an ethical issue and reflect on what was done and how can we better it.

I found the reflect pattern theory is really suited for learning of medical moralss because it stimulates the thought and give the pupils the chance to analyse the ethical quandary and how to decide it.

The Theory:

The theory of brooding pattern is attributed chiefly to Donald Sch & A ; ouml ; n3, 5. In life and based on our cognition and experience we take determination easy to events that we are anticipating and used to see. However when surprise or unexpected event take topographic point, based on Sch & A ; ouml ; n theory, people develop two types of contemplation to that event. The first 1 is “ Reflection in action “ and it occurs instantly. “ It is the ability to larn and develop continually by creatively using current and past experiences and concluding to unfamiliar events while they are happening ” 5. The 2nd, “ contemplation on action, ” occurs later. “ It is a procedure of believing back on what happened in a past state of affairs, what may hold contributed to the unexpected event, whether the actions taken were appropriate, and how this state of affairs may impact hereafter pattern ” 5. The contemplation in action can be considered as an exigency determination in which the doctor should take the hazard of being mistaken, nevertheless, this type of determination should be appreciated by people in authorization if subsequently turned to be non the perfect manner of managing it and that is because it was taken based on the inputs of that state of affairs and environing fortunes unless it is clearly uneven attack. In contrast, the contemplation on action comes subsequently when the doctor finished all responsibilities and started re-calling instances seen and determinations taken. At this point s/he will get down to convey other options and ideas that could function the state of affairs better than the 1s taken. This highly of import because it enables us to pass clip researching why we acted as we did, what was go oning in a group and so on13. In add-on if this type of contemplation done in group ( Peer ) will take to even more sensible and appropriate reaction to the surprise14.

Since this paper discusses the instruction of medical moralss, the undermentioned illustration will exemplify this attack. A 32 old ages old pregnant lady in her 3rd trimester involved in auto accident and sustained terrible caput hurt, brought to the casualty and handling doctor confirmed her decease but noticed that the babe still kicking! . Limited experience and deficiency of consciousness about the ordinance of such the state of affairs made it a surprise for the doctor. He used his basic cognition of salvaging life and decided to execute post-mortem cesarean subdivision ( PMCS ) and a 2nd surprise came when the hubby arrived to decline PMCS! ! . Contemplation on action for such instance is highly important to make to an attack which is ethical, legal and fulfill the patient. It is normally reached when the instance is presented to the equal and each one is discoursing different position of the instance. In the old illustration the contemplation on action could be inquiring a senior doctor on responsibility be a good option for the instance.


At college of medical specialty in grand Turk Qaboose University, medical pupils are divided in group each composed of approximately 10 to 15 pupils ( Boys and Girls ) . Each group will be asked to fix a clinical instance seen in pattern where there was an ethical issue ( e.g. transgressing confidentiality ) and one or two of the group members will show the instance to whole group during the medical moralss hebdomad forum. Students will be informed in progress about the aims and schemes of this attack and each group will linked to a facilitator who is normally senior medical/paramedical module with experience of doing hard medical decisions6. The group will maintain in touch with facilitator either in individual or online ( e.g. electronic mail ) to demo the contents, construction and suitableness of the instance for presentation and treatment. The facilitator will steer the pupils in choosing the instance and how to explicate the ethical issue and its declaration and usage stairss in table-1 adopted from Catherine Myser.9, 11

S/he will besides learn them some basic ethical principal like physicians should forbear from being judgmental, sponsoring or minipulative2. S/he will direct them to the appropriate resources and personals whenever required. In Oman, many determinations of ethical quandary are driven by Islamic instruction and this is really prevailing in medical field, hence pupils will be directed to Islamic bookmans who have some medical background in order to assist them understanding Islamic instruction in medical field. During the medical moralss IDA hebdomad forum, each group will show their instance to the full group in the presence of the facilitators. The presentation will be briefing about the instance, the ethical issue, what was done, and how can we make better? More clip will be given for treatment and remarks by other pupils who are non member of the showing group. The treatment will be regulated and guided by the facilitator oversing the showing group. At the terminal of treatment the facilitator will decide any statement and give the concluding remark sum uping the ethical issue and the best manner to cover with it.


Medical schools around the universe used different theoretical accounts in learning medical moralss ; the fluctuation in choice of learning theoretical account could lift from the handiness of resources, figure of pupils and course of study design. For illustration, both university of Pennsylvania and university of Washington used little group facilitation and peer interaction while uniformed services university introduced a fresh theoretical account called “ SCOOP “ which stand for Students ‘ Clinical Observation Of Preceptors11. A SCOOP reverses the procedure of rating by giving the pupils evaluation signifier and inquire them to measure the instructors. This gives them the chance to place the instruction accomplishments and methods reflect on them and therefore get the appropriate one and avoid the other 1. Shaheen and his group wrote in commentary about clip to unite attack to medical moralss where he advocated for incorporate model of moralss instruction justifying that “ it will ensures mensurable and accountable footing for the composite of far-reaching ethical issues present in the medical field ” 7. However, it is hard and impractical to unite the contents and stuffs of medical moralss for different parts of the universe where there is a diverseness of civilization, believe and traditional values. That is because most of the ethical determinations are driven by these factors. For illustration, In Oman ( and other Muslims states ) it is out to imbibe any sum of intoxicant as per the Islamic instruction, hence it is unethical to advice patient to imbibe intoxicant as portion of bosom protection advice while the same advice can be carried out usually in non-Muslim state. However, I support the statement of Rameshkumar in his paper “ Ethical motives in medical course of study “ when he said “ The construction of moralss instruction has to be closely monitored and the course of study ends have to be good defined ” .10

The strength of this proposal is that there is national and international move toward instruction of medical moralss to both pre and station alumnuss pupils. Most of the senior doctors who did non hold preparation in medical moralss realized that it made a spread in their making and they urge the new coevals in order non to lose the opportunity. In Oman the support of the current and old deans of college of medical specialty at grand Turk Qaboose University along with other many medical modules will do this proposal overcome any obstructions. In add-on, there involvement of wellness attention suppliers from different medical subjects in any activities in medical moralss ( workshop, seminars and talks ) will fix the land and the environment for the proposal to turn up at the university. This involvement ever clears during our one-year medical moralss hebdomad where we acquire several petitions from different institutes and sections inquiring for enrollment to the event although the hebdomad chiefly designed for medical pupils.

The challenges that this proposal might confront is the limited resources that include trained personals and learning stuff. The later is easier to get the better of since it simply fiscal and the college is ready to supply any recommended instruction stuff every bit long as there is a clear vision and mission of its use. In term of preparation personals, there are already two modules sent abroad for maestro in bioethics. In add-on, there are several modules who has particular involvement in learning of moralss, all these will do the overcome of human resources obstacles more executable.


In order to implement this theory in learning medical moralss to medical pupils I recommend the college to see the undermentioned points:

  1. Identify and train people interested in learning of medical moralss. The preparation should be for high grade ( Master, PhD ) and it is preferred to be in a centre where civilization and value of people are close to Oman.
  2. Provide learning resources and stuffs to pupils. It should include text editions, diaries, picture… etc.
  3. Instruct the clinicians to incorporate instruction of issues related to medical moralss in their day-to-day patient attention.
  4. Include appraisal of medical moralss in the standard summative and formative methods of appraisal in the college.
  5. Regular rating and audit of the plan in order be developed further.

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