Measurments and Calculations

a testable statement
Scientific method
a logical apporach to solving problems by observing and collecting data, formulating hypotheses, testing hypotheses, and fromulating theories that are supported by data
a specific portion of matter in a given region of space that has been selected for study during an experiment or observation
a broad generalization that explains a body of facts or phenomena
an explanation of how phenomena occur and how data or events are related
Conversion factor
a ratio derivied from equality between two different units that can be used to convert from one unit to the other
the ratio of mass to volume or mass  divided by volme
SI ( Le Systeme Iternational d’ unites)
the measurement system accepted worldwide
the amount of space occupied by an object
a measure of the gravitational pull on matter
something that has magnitude, size, or amount
Derivied unit
a unit that is a combination of SI base units
the closeness of measurements to the correct or accepted value of the quanity measured
Direct porportion
two quantities that give a constant value when ine is divided by the other
inverse proportion
two quantities thathave a constant mathematical product
Percent error
a value calculated by subtracting the experimental value from the accepted value, dividing the difference by the accepted value and then multiplying by 100
the closeness of a set of measurmets of the same quanity made in the same way
Significant figure
any digit in a measurement thst is known with certanity plus one final digit, which is somewhat uncertain or is estimated
Scientific method
a logcal appoach to sloving problems by observing and colleting data, formulating hypotheses, testing, hypotheses, and formulating theories that are supported by data
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