aliquot factor
the substance being analyzed
analytical concentration
the molarity of a substance if it did not change its chemical form on being dissolved. it represents the total number of moles of substance dissolved in a liter of solution, regardless of any reactions that take place when the solute is dissolved. (also called formal concentration)
equilibrium concentration
mass per unit volume
a measure of concentration equal to the number of moles of solute per liter of solution
molecular weight
parts per billion
an expression of concentration demoting nanograms of solute per gram of solution
parts per million
an expression of concentration denoting micrograms of solute per gram of solution
weight percent
mass of solute/mass of solution X 100
qualitative analysis
the process of determining the identity of the constituents of a substance
quantitative analysis
the process of measuring how much of a constituent is present in a substance
gravimetric analysis
any analytical method that relies on measuring the mass of a substance (such as a precipitate) to complete the analysis
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