MCTS Window 7 Chapter 6 User Management

Local user accounts are stored in the SAM database.
Each user account is assigned a _____________ to ensure that security is kept intact if the account is renamed.
Security Identifier (SID)
Logon method that requires users to press Ctrl+Alt+Delete before logging on
Secure logon
Logon method that allows multiple users to have applications running on the computer at the same time
Fast user switching
Characters are not allowed in user account names
Because user names are case sensitive, you can use capitalization to ensure that they are unique.
Characteristics that apply to the Administrator account
It is not visible on the logon screen.
It has a blank password by default.
It cannot be deleted.
It cannot be locked out due to incorrect logon attempts.
It cannot be removed from the local administrators group.
It can be disabled.
It can be renamed.
Characteristics that apply to the Guest account
It has a blank password by default.
It cannot be deleted.
It cannot be locked out.
It is a member of the Everyone group.
It is a member of the Guests group by default.
It is disabled by default.
It can be renamed.
Because the initial user account created during installation is a member of the Administrators group, it has all of the characteristics of the Administrator account.
The __________ built-in local group has been depreciated and is no longer recommended for use by Microsoft.
Power Users
Standard users are members of what built-in local group
Standard user accounts are more usable in Windows 7 than previous versions of Windows because User Account Control elevates privileges as required.
Tasks that can be performed by using the User Accounts applet in Control Panel
Change your password
Change your picture
Change your account type
Change your name
A password reset disk contains an _____________ .
encrypted copy of the user’s password
User management tool required to assign a logon script to a user
Local Users and Groups MMC snap-in
What is a risk of resetting a user password?
EFS-encrypted files cannot be accessed.
File in a profile that contains user-specific registry settings
Profile copied to create a profile for new user accounts
A roaming profile is located on a network server.
Profile merged into each user profile when the user is logged on
In a domain-based network, each server authenticates users by using the SAM database.
The ___________ group becomes a member of the Administrators local group when a Windows 7 computer joins a domain.
Domain Admins
Editions of Windows 7 that have the option to use Parental Controls
Windows 7 Home Premium
Windows 7 Ultimate
Windows 7 Enterprise in a workgroup
Time limits can be configured separately for each day of the month.
Program or utility used to copy an existing user profile to the default user profile
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