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The popular McDonald’s corporation has decided to branch out through the creation of MacAfee, which is a coffee-house-style food and drink chain, recording 1 5 % more revenue than that of a regular McDonald’s. The MacAfee outlets focus on providing consumers with unique products that differ from that of the traditional McDonald’s menu, together with a contemporary store design. With these new chain outlets spread worldwide, gaining immense popularity, MacAfee has also strategically decided to create their own brand of coffee and smoothie mixes, for the consumers’ should and personal use.

Your marketing team has been requested to assist the company with the necessary insight into how the business can successfully branch out into the South African market, through the use of appropriate marketing channels. Your marketing team should also help them with price setting of their new muffin range, with specific focus on the truly South-African product, the Billie- McMullen, a billion and feta, mega muffin. Answer the following questions: 1 .

Suggest how MacAfee can make use of channel partnerships in order to successfully branch out into the South African market by specifying who MacAfee can partner with. Motivate your answer. (3 marks) 2. How can MacAfee Implement

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m-commerce Into their marketing strategy, In order to boost sales and Increase customer loyalty? (3 marks) 3. Considering that MacAfee Is releasing Its own brand of coffee and smoothie mixes, which channel alternatives would you recommend for MacAfee to consider? Motivate your answer. (6 marks) Justify your choice by referring to how your team experience the current market. (18 marks)

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