MCAT EK Chemistry Lecture 1

What is Avogrado’s number?
6.022 x 1023
Define atomic mass unit (amu)
1 amu = 1/12 the mass of a Carbon-12 atom
How do transition metals differ in terms of losing electrons?
Transition metals tend to lose electrons from the s subshell first, and then the d subshell because atoms lose electrons from the highest energy shell first
What are the periodic table trends for Energy of Ionization, Electron Affinity, and Electronegativity?
They increase as you go up and to the right on the periodic table
What are the periodic table trends for Atomic Radius and Metallic Character?
They increase as you down and to the left of the periodic table
What are the four fundamental reaction types?

Combination (A + B = C)


Decomposition (C = A + B)


Single Displacement (A + BC = B + AC)


Double Displacement: (AB + CD = AD + CB)

What do n, l, ml, and ms represent and what values can they take on?

n = shell; n


l = subshell; from 0 to n-1


ml = orbital; between l and -l


ms = spin; 1/2 or -1/2

What is the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle?
The more we know about the position of a particle, the less we know about its momentum (and vice-versa)
What is the Aufbau Principle?
With each new proton added to create a new element, a new electron is added as well
What is Hund’s Rule?
Electrons will not fill any orbital in the same subshell until all orbitals in that subshell contain at least one electron
What quantities does Planck’s Quantum Theory relate, and what is the formula?

Electromagnetic energy and frequency


;E = hf


h = Planck’s Constant = 6.6 x 10-34 J s

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