MCAT chemistry

Heat of Transition
The amount of energy required to complete a transition. ∆H
Heat of Fusion
Amount of heat that must be absorbed to change a solid into liquid
Heat of vaporization
energy released when a liquid changes to gas
How to find the amount of heat q?
q= n x ∆H
q= mc∆T
Kinetic Molecular Theory(Ideal gas)
1. no volume
2. No intermolecular forces
3. KE is proportional to T
Relationship between C and K
K = C + 275.15
Units for Pressure
1atm = 760 torr = 760 mm Hg
gaseous solute + liquid solvent -> liquid solution. Is this possible?
solid solute + solid solvent -> solid solution. Is this possible?
gaseous solute+ gaseous solvent –> gaseous solution
Is this possible?
Is alloy a solution
in ideally dilute solution, do solute molecules interact with each other?
In ideally dilute solution, do solvents molecule interact each other?
in ideally dilute solution, the mole fraction of the solvent approaches 1?
how to calculate of mole fraction of the solvent?
X= moles of solvent/ total numbers of mole
Is Co2 nonpolar or polar
Is SO2 nonpolar or polar
why is octane more soluble in benzene than in water?
because the bonds between octane and water are much weaker than the bonds between water molecules
what is colloid?
a type of chemical mixture where one substance is dispersed evenly throughout another
can you extract colloidal particles with simple filtration?
can you extract colloidal particles by adding electrolytes?
Is path of the beam visible in the colloid?
is path of the beam visible in the solution?
Name the following: ClO-, ClO2-, ClO3-, ClO4-
hypochlorite, chlorite, Chlorate, perchlorate
the hydration number of an ion is …
the number of water molecules that bond to an ion in an aqueous solution
what is electrolyte
substance that conducts electricity in aqueous solution. needs battery
If the molecule has fewer H+, is it conjugate base or conjugate acid?
conjugate base
what is the relationship between solubility of gas in the liquid and the temperature?
higher the temperature, lower the solubility.
If the E is positive, is it spontaneous?
which physical properties determine the melting point?
size of the atom
power and resisitivity
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