MCAT Chemistry

When calculating the enthalpy change of a reaction, does the stoichiometry of the reaction matter?
Yes, it does. Enthalpy is an extensive process, so quantity does matter.
What is the equation for the change in enthalpy?
?H=?U+P?V and ?H(rxn)=?H(products)- ?H(reactants)
Removing heat from an exothermic reaction will increase or decrease the product formation? An endothermic reaction?
Removing heat will push the exothermic reaction toward the products since heat is a product and is removed according to Le Chattle’s principle. Removing heat from an endothermic reaction would slow the reaction and bring it toward products.
What is more exothermic: a phase transition or a chemical reaction?
A chemical reaction will (in most all cases) be more exothermic than a phase change (eg. moving from liquid water to vapor water).
What is the equation for the change in gibbs free energy?
The solubility product constant of mercury(I) iodide is 1.2×10^-28 at 25 degrees. Estimate the concentration of mercury ions and iodide ions in equilibrium with solid mercury(I) iodide?
[I-]=6×10^-10 mol/L, [Hg22+]=3×10^-10 mol/L
What is the concentration of hydroxide ions in a saturated Ba(OH)2 solution? The Ksp=4×10^-3
2×10^-1 M
What is Raoult’s law?
An ideal solution with some non-volatile solute dissolved in it will have a linear vapor pressure depression depending on the mole fraction of the solvent: P(final)=X(solvent)P(stp)
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