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I have been working as a direct assistant for several years now for the owner of the restaurant I am working at. I have been interested in obtaining an MBA degree for some time now and feel that he would be an excellent candidate for your esteemed program. DePaul Business School has a highly esteemed MBA program and I believe that with my qualifications, I will make for a wonderful addition to your roster of accomplished graduates in the future.I am a qualified management professional with 9 years of experience as the general manager of 2 high volume restaurants in competitive markets. I have a strong grasp of the administrative goings on in relation to our office procedures.

Management has often cited me for being a well-rounded individual and an exemplary manager with wonderful team building and cooperation abilities that help the personnel and operations function like a well-choreographed dance.I have highly developed multi lingual abilities because I deal with an international array of business contacts. I manage to function with minimum supervision and still maintain high organizational standards while focusing on delivering overall customer satisfaction. This is because I am a highly capable person who has fine tuned the arts of cost containment, capital asset oversight, strategic planning, market plan execution, budgeting, finance and marketing functions.These, I believe, are all the criteria’s that your school looks for in a potential MBA student. My short-term goals in attending DePaul Business School will be to further enhance my knowledge and skills in the area of profit and loss analysis, customer relationship, and marketing research.

Through the highly admired and competitive MBA program of DePaul Business School, I also expect to achieve a higher, deeper, and more intricate knowledge of business and finances through the various training programs being offered by the school.As for my long term goals, I am intent on becoming an even better management professional by further developing my administrative skills, as well as further improving upon my knowledge of company – worker relations in order to help develop a more effective and seamlessly functioning department in terms of operations. I plan on becoming an asset to any company I work for because after completing my MBA training.I will have the needed skills that will enable me to practice my honed management abilities and allow me to implement my newly acquired business management knowledge and skills in order to further develop a more effective company structure. It is my sincerest hope that I will be given an opportunity to achieve these goals by learning from the highly respected masters in these fields who walk the hallowed halls of DePaul Business School. To have them share the knowledge with me as I sit in the hall of learning as a willing student of learning to them.

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