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anything that has mass and takes up space; matter exists ordinarily as a solid, liquid or gas matter
a measure of how much matter an object contains mass
the force of gravity on an object weight
the amount of space that matter in an object takes up volume
the smallest possible unit of matter atom
a group of atmos bonded together molecule
a substance that soncists of atoms of only one type element
a substance made up of two or more different types of atmos bonded together compound
a combination of difference substances that remain the same individual substances and can be separated by physical means mixture
the different forms in which matter can exist; solid, liquid, and gas states of matter
matter that has a definite shape and a definite volume solid
matter that has a definite volume but does not have a definite shape liquid
matter with no definite volume and no definite shape gas
what matter has mass and volume
measure of the amount of matter mass
a measure of the space matter occupies volume
how you measure volume displacement
how you determine volume formula
always in motion atoms and molecules
it can be pure or mixed matter
determines the state of matter particle arrangement and motion
have a definite volume but no definate spate liquid
have a definite shape and volume solids
have no definite volume or shape gas

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