Study of composition, structure, and properties of matter along with the energy that accompanies these changes.
Anything that has mass
Something with a definite mass and volume that is usually dense and resists compression with a low entropy.
Something with a definite volume but no definite shape and also has more entropy and resists compression.
Something with no definite shape or volume, is compressible with a high entropy and a low density with lots of kinetic energy.
Physical Changes
Substance is not altered but may change form.
Chemical Changes
Substance is changed into something else.
Amount of disorder.
Physical Properties
Properties of an element or compound that can be observed without changing the substance.
Consists of two or more substances put together physically.
Homogenous Mixture
The same thing throughout. Ex: Salt water
Heterogenous Mixture
Contains regions that have different properties than those in other regions. Ex: Sand in water
Pure Substance
Always has the same composition.
A substance that can not be decomposed into simpler substances by chemic or physical means. All atoms have the same atomic number.
A substance with constant composition that can be broken down into elements by chemical processes.
How much stuff it has.
How much space it takes up.
Chemical Properties
Ability of a substance to change to a different substance.
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