Math Tools Quiz – Chapter 1

significant figures
provide information on the precision of a measurement
precision of a measurement
include all digits in a measurement which are known with certainty, plus a last digit which must be estimated
digital device
number of significant figures is everything that is shown
graduated device
all places that are marked, plus one visually estimated
always significant
zeroes in the middle of a number
never significant
zeroes at the beginning of a number
significant only if there is a decimal point in the number
zeroes at the end of a number
no more significant figures than the least precise number
for division and multiplication problems
no fewer decimal places than either of original numbers
for addition and subtraction problems
exact numbers
numbers with no uncertainty. Ex: equivalence statement
Marvelous king hector died by drinking chocolate milk monday night
number line phrase
Mega, space, space, kilo, hecta, deka, base, deci, centi, milli, space, space, micro, space, space, nano
Metric conversion number line

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