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The Psychology of Materialism, And Why It’s Making You unhappy’ written by, Carolyn Gorier was very relevant to my life today. I could have told you that materialism can cause negativity without ever reading this or learning about the studies they have conducted to prove this correlation between unhappiness and materials. My mother has always told me that your own happiness should not be based on the situation you are In, but rather what you make of the situation. Happiness cannot be measured In the amount of stuff you have. How expensive that stuff is. Happiness can only come from within, it is not something you can put a price tag on. In fact wealth makes very little difference to one’s overall well-being and happiness I’m going to be completely honest about my feelings for my sister and this particular situation. She is someone that I would highly suggest this article to, Just because of her attitude towards the materialistic things in life. Sometimes I worry that the only reason she Is marrying her fiance Is for financial happiness. Her fiance spoils her with gifts and flowers, expensive gifts too…

Like, Lowborn high heels, Fossil watches, Aledo heels, and all sorts of things. Materials equal momentary happiness, but marriage should equal a lifetime of happiness, and I do not think she understands this Just yet. Just as money cannot buy happiness it cannot buy love either. Materialism is actually correlated with unhappiness in marriages. ” The cause of such an unhappy marriage between two materialistic people are due to their narcissistic ways. I have always said that all our government sees us as are CONSUMERS, not people, to them we are only consumers. Buy, buy, buy.

And then buy a little ore. Don’t create, or produce, or discover Just buy. ” If we are not buying, then we are not fulfilling their needs and the government knows this. The government is cashing in our own weaknesses of insecurity, and the worst part is that most people do not even realize it. As Gregory states the focused awareness on the present moment Is the only remedy to our societies epidemic of consumerism. By living in the moment and being aware of everything that you already have around you, you can become more mindful and not give in to the materialistic ways of the people around you.

My favorite part of this entire article was the last two paragraphs. I was proud to read that my generations view of the American Dream is shifting from materialistic to the Importance of self-awareness and your own well-being. The survey findings and happy life. Materialism By damnedest This article, “The Psychology of Materialism, And Why It’s Making You Unhappy based on the situation you are in, but rather what you make of the situation. Happiness cannot be measured in the amount of stuff you have, or how expensive worry that the only reason she is marrying her fiance is for financial happiness.

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