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There are many cricketers banned for match fixing Like….

Hansie along with some other s. african cricketers was charged with match fixing on april 2000. On oct 11 he was banned form the game for life MD. AZAHRUDDIN (INDIA) IT is shame to tell that our one of the most successful captain md.

Azaharuddin was also banned for commmiting match fixing. He was the person who introduced Hansie Cronje to the bookies after investigation it came to know that he fixed 3 odi’s . e was banned by BCCI form the game for life . MARLON SAMUELS (WI) Match fixing is not only commiting it and introducing to bookies but also leaking teams information is also a type of match fixing. MARLON SAMUELS was banned for two years for leaking his teams information to bookies. HERE I TALKED ABOUT 3 DIFFERENT TYPE OF MATCH FIXING BUT THERE ARE MANY.

COMMERCIALIZATION OF SPORTS DUE TO MATCH FIXING HERE commercialization of sports means playres playing for the money not for country. Dis advantages of commercialization of sport: )at firsts sports was a hobby it was enjoyed , but now it is played for money due to commercialization of sports. 2) at first there was a player who used to play well to be better but now they play well to be high rated in market 3)because cof commercialization of sports ,illegal match fixing is started which is a part of corruption which should be avoided IF PLAYERS STOPS FOXING WE CAN GET OUR OLD SPORTS WHICH WAS NOT CORRUPTED THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU…

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