Maslow and Taylor Essay

The maslow pyramid of demands symbolise a theory demands and motives of the 40s by Abraham maslow this pyramid is divided to 5 degrees. harmonizing to him the human being attempts to fulfill one demand in one degree before they start believing about the following 1: the individual start with the degree at the underside which is the au naturel necessities like nutrient and the shelter… when all physiological demands are stisfied the individual steps up to the following degree which is security ( wellness. work. properties ) so they jump to the societal demands where people need to be a portion of a society a group a family… where they can pass on and work as a squad so the 4th demand which is the regard of thenselfs and people. people need to see that they are respected so the last one which is the” ego actualisation” which measured by how people see themselfs and their success in challenges in their work …

On the other manus Taylor sees the work motive otherwise and negotiations about it with a theory of scientific direction: which is largely based on motive by wage because harmonizing to him workers dont bask their work thats why they need to be controled. for that directors should divide production into little undertakings and workers should acquire the preparation for the undertaking they are meant to make as they can work expeditiously on their undertaking. theses workers are paid harmonizing to the number0 of points they have produced on a period of clip which motivate them to increase their productiveness. in other words Taylor sees workers as machines and makes them over-exploited.

The chief difference between how maslow and taylor see the workers motive is that the 2nd thinks that money is the lone motive which we can see in everydays life that it is false. maslow separed motive to 5 degrees when the worker satisfies one degree of demands he moves up to an other degree and go more demanding this is why workers under taylorism went on work stoppages. because there is many factors apart from income that affects the workers motivation like the on the job conditions the recognisation of their work. the greatings of the director …

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