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Marxism is a cardinal sociological theory and it was established by Karl Marx. Karl Marx was born in 1818 in the South of German. In 18 centuries, the economic construction of Europe was confronting transmutation from feudal system to capitalist economy. The impact of industrialisation causes poorness and societal inequality to working category ( Morrison, 1995 ) . For illustration, France ‘s revolution leaded the labour worker to hold low rewards, long hours and hapless on the job conditions. Hence, Karl Marx inspired a batch by the environment to build the Marxism theory.

In Marxism, societal job is caused by the struggle of trailing economic demands between different categories. Harmonizing to Karl Marx, satisfaction of basic human demands is the first precedence for everyone. Food, shelter and vesture are indispensable for human existences to last. Therefore, human existences need to bring forth the agencies to fulfill their stuff demands.

In order to last, people are allowed to have their private resource, which is known as private wealth. Through industrialisation, the productiveness of the general populace had raised quickly so that it produces more private wealth to capitalist. When people have the right to have private wealth, the inequality of wealth divides different peoples into different categories. Marx believed that the societal system is arisen from economic inequalities ( Morrison, 1995 ) .

Capitalist or Bourgeoisie means the people who own the agency of production through land, tools, money, machinery and resources to bring forth material demands and maintain being. Their ownership controls all of the cardinal portion of human society to gain money. However, capitalist can non accomplish the full production by himself so that capitalist would supply occupations to those people who do non have the agencies of production. They are known as labour worker. Meanwhile, Labor worker can non bring forth economic demands without agencies of production. Working for capitalist is their lone options for labour worker. Hence, Marx described that all of the societal jobs is the struggle between proprietors and non-owners ( Marx, 1865 ) .

When capitalist employ the labour worker to treat production, they become the governing category of the whole society. Alternatively, labour worker was described as working category to sell their labour force. However, Capitalist are more superior than labour worker in societal position. In order to fulfill their life, labour worker are compelled to affect into the production. Therefore, capitalist is easier to keep domination over labour worker ( Morrison, 1995 ) .

Through domination, capitalist would work those labour workers to gain excess values. Harmonizing to Marx, excess values means that Labor worker gained value less than the values it creates the trade good. It is known as development. The income spread between labour worker and capitalist would go wider through development. Marx believes that development is the obvious root in the unequal wealth distribution. The societal inequality is constructed by the ownership system and category construction.

Last, capitalist would widen their influence to different societal establishments to keep their net incomes. Capitalists define the societal value of legal and political superstructure. The whole societal economic is constituted by the unjust dealingss of production. Under the full system, labour worker would besides lose their category consciousness. Hence, Marx declared that the lone manner to keep equality is to raise their category consciousness and launch societal revolution ( Marx, 1859 ) .

The Marxism ‘s position the cause and socialisation of Gender Stereotype

Harmonizing to Hochstadt ( 1982 ) , Marxism is a worldview of economic, societal and political facets in a materialist reading of historical development in a society. It analyses the category dealingss in a society with human corporate production and criticizes the capitalist economy of economic development in a society.

Capitalism purposes at profit-oriented of production. Capitalists believe that work forces and adult females have their functions and maps on human production. It is known as gender stereotype ( McDowell, 2011 ) . As mentioned before, the free market in the society creates different categories revealed from its influence in the politic, economic system and societal facets. It has a great influence on the labour market every bit good. Harmonizing to Bruce ( 2007 ) , the market economic system decentralized the determination devising through a monetary value mechanism to run into the market demand and supply. This indicates that the economic system in a state is non controlled by the authorities, but the capitalists. Government will minimise her intercession in the market to ease the market economic system working. Besides, authorities will legalize the Torahs and ordinances to protect the market economic system. Capitalism is supported by the authorization to transport out productions, and able to work the labour works. At the same clip, market monetary value creates the profit-oriented economic mechanism in the society, the capitalist maximizes their net incomes during production by working the labours, and indirectly exploit the adult females at place. The society is under great influence by the capitalists values of gaining money. The adult females are forced to remain at place to make housekeeping and back up their hubby.

Furthermore, capitalists instill the political orientation of corporate production in a society. Therefore, work forces and adult females have different functions in easing the economic development.

Capitalism establishes a gender stereotype over the male and female function to organize a societal relationship within the household and human production. It leads to gender division. Gender division maintains the involvements of capitalists. For illustration, capitalists assume that work forces should be physically strong to make manual plants such as manual assemble portion ; manual excavation. Workers have to defy the harsh working environments in the mills, docks, power workss to gain rewards ( Cockburn, 1981 ) ; During the production procedure, capitalist can be benefited from the different typr of working labours. Therefore, capitalists can gain more excess value. Workers are exploited to function the demands of capitalists.

Furthermore, the major function of work forces is breadwinner in a household ( Feldberg, & A ; Glenn, 1979 ) . They have to gain money to back up the whole household ‘s disbursals in paying the rent, affording day-to-day necessities. Labor worker are forced to work for capitalist maintain the household needs. They are dependent to the capitalists to last. As a consequence, male workers are willing to be exploited by the capitalists even though they are working in an highly rough working environment. Merely capitalist are benefit from the whole production.

For adult females, they are besides exploited by capitalist. Their chief function is responsible for housekeeping and to the full supports their hubby to work outdoors. Capitalists constructs that adult females are indispensable to back up male workers to work consciously. Particularly, adult females have no wages to pay their attempt. Therefore, adult females are to the full responsible for all the family jobs such as cookery repasts, cleaned houses, and kid lovingness and raising.

Hence, work forces and adult females are devoted to their plants for the capitalists. The working categories are exploited by the capitalists. Under capitalist economic system, Capitalists exploit workers ‘ labour force to gain excess money. Meanwhile, adult females are besides exploited by work forces to work at place. This turns out that adult females are indirectly exploited by capitalists.

Womans are besides encouraged to give birth of many kids in order to supply a staple supply of working labours for the capitalists in the hereafter. Women stay at place to educate and develop their kids to be the possible labours. Children are taught to work difficult and be honest to the employers. Capitalist can hold sufficient sum of labour worker to keep production.

When the income of male labour is deficient to back up the family disbursals, adult females are forced to take part in the labour market ( Milkman, 1987 ) . Womans are non merely needed to work, but besides responsible to all family jobs, taking attention kids. As Holmstrom ( 1977 ) mentioned, adult females are now both straight and indirectly exploited by the capitalist economy.

To reason, the male gender function is to be the breadwinner and adult females should remain at place for housekeeping, rise uping and educating their kids. It is known as the gender stereotype of division of labour. Gender stereotype is established to protect the capitalist ‘s involvements.

The Marxism ‘s position of Hong Kong boys & A ; misss ‘ Controversy

The capitalist besides help lending to the outgrowth of Hong Kong male childs and Hong Kong misss. The ultimate end of capitalists is to do net incomes for basking a mercenary life style. They encourage a money-oriented society so that people would work hard to gain more money. Therefore, one of the feature of Hong Kong Boys and Girls are included money worship and philistinism. For illustration, people having auto represents successful and abundant life. It reinforces many people to seek to make the end. Some Hong Kong male seek all their attempts to gain more net income to accomplish the higher societal position. They strive for a well-paid occupation like bankers, comptrollers, attorneies.

This turns out that they are farther exploited by the capitalists and farther escalate the capitalist economy in Hong Kong. Hong Kong Boys and misss internalized the thought of money-oriented. Being rich even became their first precedence to run into spouse. Therefore, capitalist are benefits from those behaviours and gain more excess value. Hence, capitalist economy imposes the aggressive, confident and powerful features to Hong Kong Boys. However, there are some exceeding instances, some Hong Kong Boys are inactive in their societal circles, they are diffident to confront the populaces, or fond of playing on-line games. They are non aggressive as the society expects on them. They do non hold clear ends in their life like prosecuting dreams from gaining money, holding their belongingss or autos. They are frequently blamed by the society for non bring forthing actively, which is contradicted to the profit-oriented capitalist. Even some labour workers would fault those inactive Hong Kong Boys for non prosecuting in working, which can non demo their internalized character of taking duty for the household.

Missing: the analysis of Hong Kong Boys, eg. non active i??the whole society incrimination HK boysi??because it against the net incomes of capitalist i?? even some labour worker would fault it because they internatized the tradition gender stereotypeaˆ¦.bababa..

Postscript: Jason U can besides advert other characterticis of HK Boys that oppose the traditional

On the other manus, the Hong Kong Girls, particularly the younger coevalss are more emphasizing in the materialistic of life style. Hong Kong Girls love prosecuting celebrated trade names to fulfill their desire. It shows that Hong Kong Girls are besides exploited by the capitalistic thoughts of philistinism.

Besides, Hong Kong Girls will wish to acquire acquainted with the affluent work forces who can fulfill their desire of mercenary life style. Meanwhile, male have to work hard to gain more money in order to fulfill the mercenary demands of Hong Kong Girls. This reveals that both Hong Kong Girls and Hong Kong Boys are farther exploited by capitalist economy.

The Marxist feminism reference that capitalist economy development over adult females and it is applicable to explicate the phenomenon of the Hong Kong Girls. Marxist Feminism is a sub-type of feminist theory refers to the capitalist economy development and subjugation of female in their work. As Bandarage ( 1984 ) mentioned, Capitalists promote dependance and freedom to adult females, so that adult females can sell their labours force to capitalists. Hence, capitalists can farther work adult females in the modern societies.

In decision, Capitalism leads to the formation of gender stereotype with the division of labour of work forces and adult females to ease the production in the society. The philistinism and money-oriented constructs from capitalist economy causes the phenomenon of Hong Kong male childs and Hong Kong misss. Based on the societal development in Hong Kong, capitalist economy is intensified to build the Hong Kong Boys and Girls phenomenon. We can see the linkage between the capitalist economy and Hong Kong Boys and Girls phenomenon, but capitalist economy besides confined to explicate the Hong Kong Boys and Girls phenomenon.

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