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Marriage is a poem that presents numerous feelings within to show how marriage is witted towards different people. The poem itself consists of numerous metaphors alongside being an extended metaphor. This creates the image of a house that is breaking down and stays up by taking turns. At the start of the poem, there is a man who is holding up the house by himself showing loneliness and as he is getting ready to give up another person begins to help and takes over holding the house up.

This is n attempt by Blumenthal to show how marriage is a feeling of help and support when the other needs it. The theme of marriage is presented through the use of metaphors as this provides the poet to have an effective use of imagery throughout the poem. The theme of marriage is present throughout the poem and links back to the name. Blumenthal has mentioned giving up in his poem to symbolism a broken marriage and how you have to wait for a successful marriage as it has to consist of two individuals willing to help and support one another.

The reference to holding up a souse and resting your arms whilst the other takes over Is a perfect representation and the entire poem provides an image of a house ready to collapse but being held up. An unsuccessful marriage can be seen as someone not willing to hold up the house anymore and leaving one person alone to do It otherwise meaning one person who takes and takes but doesn’t give resulting In a broken and unsuccessful relationship. Blumenthal uses Imagery effectively to portray the concept of marriage between two people and the everlasting effects of a bad relationship If you’re alone.

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