marketing test 3 practice questions

An accountant buys a supply of pencils to be used in calculating the taxes of other business firms. Based on this information, pencils in this case would be considered what type of product?
MRO supplies, (maintenance, repair, and operating)
The element of the brand that is not made up of words and often includes a symbol or design is known as the
brand mark
When a company such as Chevrolet looks at social media and reads online reviews from customers to identify the features that customers want, they are engaging in which phase of the new-product development process?
idea generation
Senior management for a fast food burrito restaurant chain has developed a new pricing strategy. They have some doubt about whether the pricing strategy will be positively received by consumers. In this instance, they should probably proceed to the ____ stage of the new-product development process.
test marketing
Richland Technologies produces smartphone accessories. In order to have enough capital to manufacture its latest batch of accessories, Richland Technologies secured a loan with its inventory as collateral. Instead of moving the collateral to a warehouse, the bank making the loan hired a company to set up a _____ to provide security over the collateral at Richland Technologies’ facility.
field public warehouse
a ferrari would be classified as which type of product
Which of the following pieces of information included on a label is not regulated in the United States?
the word “natural”
Whenever Apple releases a new version of its iPad, it continues to produce and market previous versions for some period of time. However, Honda stops production of the prior year’s model of its Civic when they launch the new year’s model. Apple’s new product strategy is a _____, while Honda’s strategy is an example of a(n) _____.
line extension; product modification
which of the following is not a service product
technical support for a computer
Companies replacing in-person services with automated services such as banks using ATMs and online banking, grocery stores using self-checkout lanes, and airlines using self-check-in kiosks reduce the _____ that comes from contact with human employees.
Freight transportation companies that have the ability to transport products in many different ways including ships, rails, trucks, and air service are known as
Business consumers frequently buy _____, while consumers typically buy _____.
large quantities; limited quantities
When a product’s profits begin to decline, it is usually in the _____ stage of the product life cycle; however, when its sales begin to decline, it is in the _____ stage.
growth; maturity
Packaging can provide all of the following functions, except
a- determine the price to be charged for the product
b- offer convenience to customers
c- deter shoplifting and prevent product tampering
d- protecting the product and maintaining its functional form
e- promote a product by communicating its features, uses, benefits, and image
a- determine the price to be charged for the product
During which stage of the product life cycle do sales decrease because the product has possibly lost its distinctiveness due to the introduction of either similar or superior products?
How a product is conceived, planned, and produced, including its physical characteristics, is referred to as
product design
a product manager is responsible for
a product, product line, or interrelated group of products in an organization
Rich’s Auto Lube offers customers 10% off on their next service if they provide proof that they have posted a positive review on a social media site. This program is designed to
encourage online viral communication
marketing channels create four types of utility for consumers. These are
time, place, possession, and form
When dealing with large grocery stores, Nestle sells its Gerber baby foods directly to retailers. For smaller grocery stores, however, Gerber baby food is sold to wholesalers who in turn sell it to the stores. Nestle is using
dual distribution
Anne-Marie is the manager of a department store. She has read predictions that the coming winter is going to be very cold and is concerned that there will be a lot of demand for winter coats. To help avoid stockouts, she is keeping
safety stock
Skinnygirl sells Skinnygirl cocktails, Skinnygirl salad dressing, Skinnygirl Bella Blenders, Skinnygirl Sparklers sparkling water, and Skinnygirl Daily Nutrition Bars. This is an example of
family branding
taco bell has a line of tacos called doritos locos tacos. This is an example of
If a local gym changes the music being played over the loudspeakers and replaces the wallpaper in the locker rooms, these modifications are most likely to be viewed as _____ modifications.
A cereal manufacturer has decided to delete one of its brands of cereal that is not satisfying a sufficient number of customers. They will delete the cereal by letting it decline and not changing its marketing strategy in a process called
Subway, a fast-food sandwich restaurant, has channel members that are connected using legal agreements that spell out the rights and responsibilities of each member. This is an example of a(n) _____ vertical marketing system.
JanSport offers a line of backpacks in a variety of styles and sizes. The company needs to make sure that it has an adequate assortment of backpacks available to meet customer demand as part of the ____ stage of physical distribution.
inventory management
WalMart has begun requiring that its suppliers add _____ to their shipments. The shipments can then be tracked using radio waves to help WalMart and its suppliers make the supply chain more efficient.
RFID tags
the strongest form of brand loyalty is brand ___
Doritos has expanded beyond its original Nacho Cheese flavor to Cool Ranch, Jacked, Spicy Sweet Chili, and Salsa Verde, to name a few. These are examples of
line extensions
If a company is introducing a brand into a market and its characteristics do not differ significantly from the competition, it would likely choose which of the following for positioning the new product?
avoid competition
Brian asks his friend Gordon for recommendations for a pediatrician for his children. Gordon tells him that KidsHealth is a great practice if he can get Dr. Fusco assigned to his children. Gordon’s recommendation addresses which of the following service features?
If a restaurant tries to attract diners to eat dinner at the restaurant from Monday to Thursday by offering half-price appetizers on those days, it is trying to solve the marketing problem of
Laurie bought herself a new jacket using a marketing channel that has only one intermediary. That intermediary is classified as a
When manufacturers such as Microsoft, Sony, and Bose bypass retailers by opening up their own retail locations, it is likely to
result in channel conflict between the manufacturers and the retailers
Located on Harry’s drive to work are both a Dunkin Donuts and a Starbucks. When he drives to work, Harry always stops at the Dunkin Donuts to buy a cup of coffee. Last week, he was on a business trip and could not find a Dunkin Donuts near his hotel. Since he still wanted a cup of coffee, he went to the nearby Starbucks and bought a cup there. Harry has brand _____ for Dunkin Donuts and brand _____ for Starbucks.
preference; recognition
Among its many types of products, Unilever markets several brands of ice cream, including Ben & Jerry’s, Magnum, Breyers, Klondike, and Good Humor. This is an example of what type of branding policy?
family branding
Service marketers typically use one of three ways to deliver services. The three ways are
through intermediaries, through wholesalers, and through direct channels
Dorothy recently purchased a piano and had no problem testing out the piano to listen to how it sound and felt. She is finding it more difficult to evaluate piano lessons. The piano was easy to evaluate because it had many _____ qualities.
Using horizontal channel integration allows a firm to
increase efficiency and develop economies of scale in advertising and other marketing functions.
A medical supply wholesaler has seen growth in its business recently and has decided to open a new facility designed for moving the products being sold. It will combine shipments received from manufacturers and ship them to medical facilities almost immediately. This new facility would be best classified as which of the following?
public warehouse
It is difficult for surgeons to standardize each type of surgery performed because the patient must be present and involved in the surgery. Because of differences in bodies, each surgery will be somewhat different. This illustrates which of the following unique features of services?
Seventh Generation is developing a new type of organic body wash that is going to be higher in price than the competition, but provides superior performance characteristics compared to other organic body wash brands. They should most likely use _____ positioning for the new body wash.
head to head
When Heinz introduced its ketchup in a squeezable plastic container rather than the traditional glass bottle, this was an example of _____ packaging.
When a chain of coffee shops adds locations during the growth stage, the objective it is most likely trying to achieve is to
fill geographic gaps
Marketers make determinations as to whether a new product is technically feasible to produce and whether the cost of production will be low enough to proceed during
product development
William manufactures office chairs. He has studied ergonomics to develop a chair that is more comfortable than other chairs on the market. He also offers a lifetime warranty that allows people who buy his chairs to have anything repaired or replaced if broken. William is most likely differentiating through _____ with the comfort level and through _____ with his warranty.
style; quality
The knowledge and competence of employees and the ability to convey trust and confidence is an important dimension of service quality called
Doug had tickets to attend a Broadway play with his family. When they arrived at the theater, they were disappointed to find out that the star of the show was unable to perform and that the understudy would be performing the lead role instead. This is an issue regarding the _____ quality of services.
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